Ductz of Maryville is new opportunity for Tayloe and Baker

Ductz of Maryville-Southern Knoxville owners Steve Tayloe and Matt Baker are pictured in front of one of their trucks.

Ductz of Maryville-Southern Knoxville owners Steve Tayloe and Matt Baker are pictured in front of one of their trucks.

Steve Tayloe knows duct work like a cardiologist knows a heart.

“The air unit is like a heart,” said Tayloe, owner of Ductz of Maryville-Southern Knoxville, a new franchise in the area. He said that some lines to and from the air unit function like the veins and the arteries in the body.

Tayloe, who has had more than 25 years of mechanical servicing experience, looked into the Ductz franchise after he was laid off as a field service worker for an equipment supplier. He said when jobs were not available, he began researching franchise opportunities.

“I wanted to do something in the service side because that’s what I had experience in,” Tayloe said.

After meeting with a franchise broker, Tayloe and business partner, Matt Baker, thought the Ductz franchise would be a natural fit. With the money from Tayloe’s 401k and training to receive the National Air Duct Cleaning Association certification, they got the business up and running in May.

“We’re still growing and getting our name out there,” Tayloe said.

Tayloe said quality work is the reputation Ductz of Maryville-South Knoxville strives to achieve, unlike the “go and blow guys,” the name the industry has given to the people who go and blow out the ducts and then they’re out the door.

“We make sure the customers get quality work for the price they pay,” Tayloe said.

Tayloe said there are three important things when cleaning air ducts. First, the negative air has to be removed. Then, agitation removes the particles from the duct work. Finally, an air wash pushes remaining particles into a collection unit.

“Everything used in the house is HEPA filtered,” Tayloe said of the equipment used in the homes. “We’re not putting anything back into the air.”

In addition to guaranteeing their work, Ductz of Maryville-South Knoxville will perform an inspection and provide a free estimate.

One key service the company provides is restoring the HVAC system. They get into the air handling unit to make sure all the components are in good working order.

“We don’t just clean the air ducts, we clean the air handling unit as well,” Tayloe explained cleaning the unit is important so it will not blow particles back into the system.

Ductz of Maryville-South Knoxville also cleans dryer vents. Tayloe said that some dryer vents can be as long as 25 to 30-feet.

“The major reason for residential fires is because of dryers,” Tayloe said. Fires can be the result of accumulated lint in the vent or in the dryer itself or because of a pinched vent, according to Tayloe. A hole in the dryer vent can mean that everything is getting blown under the house. As a result, moisture can build up and lead to a big, costly microbial problem, Tayloe said.

Ductz of Maryville-South Knoxville is also licensed to do microbial work on HVAC systems and in the duct work itself.

“We see microbial problems in duct work,” Tayloe said. He said they can repair the damaged duct work and seal it if excess leakage is the cause.

Besides rust, rodents are another big cause of leaks in duct work. Tayloe said they can remove the rodents, repair the damage and re-insulate the duct work.

Tayloe recommends homeowners have their air handling unit inspected once a year and their duct work checked out every two to five years.

Taylor also has advice for anyone looking into their own business. “Make sure you know all the little expenses.” Fees, expenses and advertising costs can add up and if not prepared to pay them, it can be overwhelming.

Ductz of Maryville-Southern Knoxville are located at 257 North Calderwood St., Alcoa, TN 37701. You can reach them by phone at 865-244-0107 or visit their website www.ductz.com.

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