Domino’s Pizza donates party to winning schools

The 2009 Telephone Book Recycling Contest hosted by Keep Blount Beautiful has come to a close. It is Domino’s Pizza party time for the top two winning schools - New Horizon Montessori and Porter Elementary.

This year, more than 16,000 phone books were recycled and $1,250 in prize money was donated by Keep Blount Beautiful to local schools. That’s equal to 8 tons of waste diverted from our local landfill and 136 trees conserved.

“The annual Telephone Book Recycling Contest helps us meet our state requirements for landfill waste reduction. It is also an excellent way to educate Blount County students about the importance of recycling,” remarks Sam Holloway, Blount County Director of Solid Waste.

David Sevigny, Domino’s Pizza owner, thanked volunteers and teachers for their efforts.

“It has been said that ‘…it takes a village to raise a child.’ In our ‘village’ of Blount County, we collectively have made a choice to teach our children the value of our resources both as materials, and our community’s ability to rise to a challenge. Once outdated, a phonebook becomes a mundane object in transition to the garbage. While all these efforts to re-use the phonebook, we are putting off the inevitable-Solid Waste.”

Charlene DeSha, coordinator Keep Blount Beautiful said that once the directories are collected, they are recycled into hydroseed mixture for landscapers.

“The recycler takes the cover off, shreds the paper, and finally, adds green coloring and grass seed. Most of this material is sold in the Northeast. It’s fairly remarkable that our old phonebooks become grass up North.”

The program would not be possible without the assistance of Domino’s Pizza for donating pizza for 500 students, the Blount County Sheriff’s Litter Crew for the phone books, Spectra Recycling and Advance Polymer Recycling for providing in-kind recycling and hauling services. Keep Blount Beautiful is responsible for the promotion and management of this program.

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