Hitting the mark

John Sevier Elementary celebrates one million minutes of reading

Add up all the time the students at John Sevier Elementary School have spent reading outside what they do in class, and there are some pretty impressive numbers to banter around.

The school recently celebrating reaching the 1 million minutes of reading mark. That’s more than 16,000 hours of reading, more than 694 days of reading and 1.76 years.

It was the 1 million minute goal that was the cause of the celebration, however.

On March 11, John Sevier Elementary School students, faculty, staff and guests celebrated reaching the 1,000,0000 minutes of reading mark as part of their Fox Trot Fundraiser, sponsored by the school’s Parent Teacher Organization. Fourth grade teacher Ginny Boles started the initiative to read 1 million minutes at the beginning of the year, assistant principal Carla Werner said. “She had seen it done somewhere else and was the lead person in getting this organized. The whole school was involved with collecting the reading minutes, which had to be minutes read outside the school,” Werner said.

The assistant principal said each week volunteer moms collected the counts from each class and grade level and the administration let everybody know where they were each week on the digital bulletin board.

“Once we started getting close to getting the million minutes of reading, we started making plans for a celebration,” she said. “We incorporated some fun things as well as some serious things into the day of celebration.”

As part of the celebration every child in the building got to rotate through a variety of activities, from playing on inflatables set up for children in the gym to arts and crafts where they made bookmarkers to singing and eating snacks like popcorn and cotton candy.

“That was the day of our Fox Trot fundraiser. It was a day of movement, eating, making and having fun. It was a good day,” Werner said.

In the Fox Trot fundraiser, the children get individuals to sponsor them as they walk. The event is a major fundraiser for the PTO, Werner said.

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