Overbey plans series of work days

State Rep. Doug Overbey, Republican candidate for the State Senate, has announced a series of work days in which he will work a full shift at a different job each time.

From working alongside the highway department to welcoming students to school for the day, from checking patients into a health clinic to participating in the daily work of a theme park administrator, Overbey said he will spend a work shift at area businesses to meet people in the community.

“Hard work is nothing new for me,” he said. “I worked my way through Carson-Newman and law school through jobs as varied as busing tables at Ridgecrest Baptist Assembly, as a shift worker at Tennessee Eastman Kodak, selling clothes and sporting goods at J.C. Penny’s and painting houses,” he said.

Overbey said he will be doing work like the people of his district do everyday. “Work days are simply another way for me to meet the people of the Eighth Senate district where they are and hear directly from them about their thoughts and opinions on the challenges facing our state,” Overbey said.

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Floydthebarber writes:

Sounds like my man is getin fared up for the election and rollin up his sleeves to prepare for a challenging year in Nashville.
Was reading yur Murvl paper the other day and it seems like ya'll are haven to get another 50 cents in sales tax for education. Bet that has stirred up some talk. Guess its better than increasing property tax. Ya'll do a good job educaten yur kids. Sure wished I had the opportunity as you can tell with my spelling.
I think Overbey will work hard for you in Nashville. I've talked to him once or twice and seems really listens to yur concerns. I'll bet you will be proud of him like I wuz about Gomer when he joined the Marines in '68.
Ya'll got a good Gereral named Forster that heads up the Chamber too. I've heard he's a dandy
and I bet ya'll are proud to have him representin the community as an ambassador!!