Keep Blount Beautiful offers bounty for junk cars

The bounty paid for turning a junk car over to Keep Blount Beautiful is $35 per vehicle.

Charlene DeSha, Keep Blount Beautiful Coordinator, is implementing the award-winning program that was originally created by Allison Teeters while she was the executive director at Keep Sevier Beautiful. Teeters is currently the executive director at Keep Knoxville Beautiful. “The Vehicle Recycling Program was so successful in Sevier County I thought it was a natural choice for Blount County.” DeSha says.

“People need extra money for the holidays. This is an easy way to earn that money as well as to beautify the county,” DeSha said.

The vehicles are hauled away by local towing companies and taken to American Truck & SUV, where all hazardous materials are removed, and the cars are crushed and taken to a metal salvage yard.

Pat Walbran, owner of American Truck & SUV, said that in spite of the high cost of recycling the oil, gasoline, tires, antifreeze and other hazardous fluids in a vehicle, he is committed to beautifying the county and protecting the environment.

DeSha said she is excited to bring this opportunity to Blount County. “It helps beautify the county as well as cut down on the proliferation of pests like mosquitoes, rats and other animals that would live in old vehicles, and prevents leakage of hazardous materials that would get into the soil and eventually affect ground water sources,” she said.

To surrender a junk vehicle, call DeSha at 865-681-4809. Vehicles which are 1998 and newer must have a clean title, although older vehicles are not required to have a title. Vehicle identification numbers will be used to ensure there are no liens and that the person surrendering the vehicle does own it.

DeSha will photograph the surrendered vehicle and ask the owner to sign ownership of it over to KSB. “Once that is done, I’ll make arrangements for towing the car, and the owner will receive a check in the mail,” DeSha said.

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