Blount Memorial honors long-time employees

Clara Trotter was honored for 50 years of dedicated service to Blount Memorial Hospital during the annual employee service awards banquet. Trotter was the evening’s longest-tenured honoree and also is the hospital’s longest-ever employee.

Trotter currently works as a technician in the sterile processing department. And although she has worked in almost every patient care area in the hospital, she spent most of her career at Blount Memorial working in surgery.

“I wanted to work for a couple of years to have a little experience so I could support my family if something ever happened, then I just never left,” says Trotter. She says she continues to work to have a little “candy money.”

“I wasn’t even aware until recently when everyone started teasing me that I was the longest-working employee,” she says. “I just enjoy working every day. I enjoy my job, and the people I work with are like family.”

More than 2,810 years of service to Blount Memorial Hospital by employees were recognized at the annual awards banquet, where 272 employees who have completed years of service in five-year increments were honored.

A total of 152 employees were honored for five years of services, and 57 were recognized for being employed by the hospital for 10 years. Twenty-five were honored for 15 years of employment, and another 11 received recognition for 20 years of service. Four additional employees were recognized for 25 years of service to the hospital.

Twelve employees were recognized for 30 years of service, and they include Lola Crisp, Joseph Dawson, Linda Dial, Teresa Evans, Janice Herron, Janice Hickman, Sandra Hughes, Philip Hutton, Linda McTeer, Shirley Miller, Rickey Moore and Catherine Shaver.

Six employees were honored for a 35-year tenure, and they include Katherine Bradburn, Mary Johnson, Ted Mashburn, Priscilla Morgan, Katherine Trotter and Delores Wheeler.

Brenda Adams, Anne Thompson and Mary Williams were recognized for their 40 years of hospital service, and Judy Giles was honored for 45 years of employment.

Blount Memorial hosts its employee service awards banquet each year in May to honor employees in conjunction with National Hospital Week, which fell this year during May 11-17.

5- to 25-year Employees Recognized: Nubia Anderson, Jennifer Baker, Melissa Bandy, Joyce Beirne, Donna Benson, Cora Bentz, Constance Berry, Travis Best, Michael Best, Donald Blair, Dwayne Blake, Susannah Bledsoe, Donna Booher, Greg Boring, Margaret Bowen, Shana Boyd, Natasha Brewer, Judith Brownlie, Janice Bruce, Michele Bullock, Joel Burroughs, Cecil Callihan, Jonathan Campbell, Donna Cantrell, Charles Carroll, Amelia Case, Gertrude Cataline, Kimberly Chambers, Jennifer Clark, Jessica Clifford, Christina Coleman, Michael Coleman, Elizabeth Colwart, Rhonda Conner, Sherrie Corgan, Brent Coyle, Pamela Culross, Gail Dalton, April Dalton, Cindy Davis, Amanda Emory, Willa Estell, Mary Fanning, Anne Federer, Veroschka Fiegler, Michelle Fisher, Kelly Forster, Stanley Foust, Joe Frerichs, Ruth Frye, Jesse Fussell, Phyllis Gennoe, Beverly Gibson, Evelyn Goforth, Kristi Greene, Justin Greeno, Edna Gribble, Kendall Groothuis, James Hall, Jenny Hamby, Delores Harms, Kimberly Hatcher, Rhoda Hicks, Tana Hill, Karen Hobby, Brian Hollomon, Jenny Horn, Tawania Howard, Samantha Howard, Peggy Hoy, Linda Humphrey, Ethel Hurst, Jason Hutchens, Mary James, Michele Johnson, Peggy Jones, Ramona Kagley, Kathy Kirkland, Donald Lamkey, Rachel Lazim, Alisha Licata, Mary Long, Charles Long, Myra Loope, Kristina Lugo, Gabrielle Malabey, Rebecca Manning, Timothy Marsh, Rebecca Martin, Tonya McCarter, Sherry McCaulley, Adelaida McDonald, Patricia McGurer, Robert Midgett, Daniel Miles, Chris Miller, Jennifer Millsaps, Judy Minnick, Micah Mitchell, Alena Myers, Christie Noe, Virginia Oliver, Jena Orr, Brenda Osborne, Elaine Paterson, Kay Pearson, David Phelps, Lori Phillips, Emily Piercy, Jerry Pirtle, Haley Potter, Rhonda Robbins, Susan Robinson, Cynthia Schar, David Schultzman, Royann Scott, Melissa Seal, Eleanora Sewell, Karen Sexton, Lindsey Sexton, Alicia Shaw, Marcus Sheppard, Beverly Sherrod, Barbara Sherwood, Trent Shields, Paula Simerly, Mary Sitzler, Stacy Smith, Patricia Starbird, Annette Taylor, Kelly Tiller, Ronald Tiller, Kelly Torbett, Sandra Vaughn, Ponitha Walker, Mary Ward, Sue Watkins, Dianna Watson, Janet Watt, Kristi Weatherbee, Rebecca Webb, Tammy Wells, Amy Whitehead, Elizabeth Widmer, Nina Williams, Brenda Wilson, Lonnie Witt, Marie Wright, Hayley Yates, Nancy Yearout, Theresa Zagger and Cynthia Zurhellen.

10 years of service – Karen Able, Kathryn Bean, Diane Bivens, Leigh Black, Helen Bledsoe, Matilda Bohanan, Angela Brown, Kim Brown, Susan Brown, Carolyn Cable, Cynthia Cable, Janet Correll, Lathisa Cross, Linda Dearmond, Holly Dockery, Amy Dyer, Sarah Ellis, Linda Frederick, Linda Harris, Patricia Hatcher, Tanya Hayes, Crystal Hicks, Lance Hodge, Meilynn Hoe, Connie Huffman, Renee Hyatt, Amy Julian, Sandra Keasler, Alice King, Pamela Kirkland, Jerry Kropp, Christie Lawson, Gerald Lawson, Vanessa Ledbetter, Ronald Longmire, Kelli Loser, Lori Martin, Hollis McKinley, Gina Miller, Marlene Morency, Kristy Oliver, Jackie Payne, Sherri Pesterfield, Sandra P’Pool, Sharon Radon, Cynthia Reed, Pauline Reed, Susan Roberts, Jamie Rogers, Donna Sharp, Gerald Stephens, Kathy Stevens, Tammy Thompson, Kimberly Tippitt, Kathleen Valentine, William Winn and Kristine Zimmer.

15 years of service – Carol Beggi, Liddi Berry, Tonya Bowles, Gina Buchanan, Judy Carpenter, Michael Deiderich, Pon Denton, Madge Earls, Mildred Garland, Brenda Garner, Patti Gorman, Michael Hitch, Vanna Holbert, Karen Lamon, Kris Loggins, Loyce Mayes, Cathy Moore, Julia Pearce, Karole Potter, Kecia Queener, Joe Swaney, Susan Tipton, Anne Van Curen, Deborah Wells and Sarah Wetherington.

20 years of service – Joy Braden, Edith Dixon, Bobbie Dotson, Edward Harper, Michael Holder, Thomas Hughes, Lena McClanahan, Melissa Sizemore, Raymond Smith, Karen Whaley and Tammy Williams.

25 years of service – Darrell Cantrell, Pamela Herendon, Sharon Reggio and Carolyn Summey.

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