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Lemon desserts are refreshing summer treat

Pink Lemonade Pie is an easy and refreshing dessert for poolside.

Pink Lemonade Pie is an easy and refreshing dessert for poolside.

Lemon Cheesecake is a cool spring and summer treat.

Lemon Cheesecake is a cool spring and summer treat.

What could be more refreshing in the heat of the summer than a lemon dessert?

The very name evokes images of sunshine and their essence, when added to any recipe, makes a dish pop with flavor.

Lemons, as a great source of Vitamin C, were highly prized by the miners and developers during the California Gold Rush in the mid-19th century since they were used to protect against the scurvy. They were in such high demand that people were willing to pay up to one dollar per lemon, a price that would be considered costly today and was extremely expensive in 1849.

When choosing a lemon, they should be firm and have a bright color. The best lemons will be fine textured and heavy for their size. Thin skinned fruit will have more juice, while fruit with a greenish cast is likely to be more acidic. One medium lemon has about 3 tablespoons of juice and 3 tablespoons of grated peel.

Submerging a lemon in hot water for 15 minutes before squeezing will yield about twice the amount of juice. If you are needing only a few drops of lemon juice, prick one end of the lemon with a fork and squeeze out the desired amount, refrigerate the remaining lemon. It will be good as new.

In the kitchen, lemons compliment fish, chicken, marinades, salads, frozen treat and drinks, also, best of all desserts!

Lemon Cheesecake with Lemon Sauce


1- 1/2 cups chocolate graham cracker crumbs

3 tablespoons sugar

1 stick butter, melted

Combine all ingredients and press firmly into bottom of 9-inch Springform pan.


4 pkgs. (8 ounces each) cream cheese, softened

1-1/2 cups sugar

1 pkg. (3 oz.) lemon Jell-O

1 Tablespoon lemon juice

4 eggs

In large mixing bowl, beat cream cheese and sugar until smooth. Add Jell-O and lemon juice, beat about 2 minutes longer. Add eggs last and beat on low speed until eggs are just combined. You don’t want to incorporate a lot of air at this time.

Pour into crust and bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.

Cool on a wire rack for about an hour. Remove cheesecake from Springform pan and refrigerate overnight.

Lemon Sauce:

1 pkg. (3 oz. size) Cook and Serve Lemon Pudding (not instant)

1/3 cup sugar

3 cups water

In small saucepan, combine pudding mix and sugar. Add water and cook over medium heat until mixture comes to a boil. Cook and stir 2 to 3 minutes longer or until thickened. Pour into bowl. Cover and refrigerate until chilled. Spoon about 2 tablespoons over each slice of cheesecake.

Pink Lemonade Pie

1 can sweetened condensed milk (not evaporated)

1 container (6 oz.) frozen pink lemonade concentrate (thawed)

1 tub (8 oz.) Cool-Whip

1 graham cracker crumb pie shell

In large bowl, whisk together milk and pink lemonade until well blended. Fold in Cool-Whip until well mixed. Spoon into pie shell. Chill for several hours or freeze it.

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