Cabin Treasures: prize pickins and stain’d glass

It’s easy to get lost in Cabin Treasures. The shop is located in the Trillium Cove shopping center in Townsend and the “prize pickins and stain’d glass” completely fill the room.

A gift for any occasion can be found here. Proprietor Becky Goodman and her husband Carl Goodman, want their shoppers to think beyond a plant for housewarming or a sweater for a birthday.

“Gifts like these (at Cabin Treasures) are enduring and will forever remind the recipient of the person, event or their relationship with the gift-giver,” Carl said. The store carries wall art, a variety of décor, lotions, candles, soaps, candy and Becky’s high-quality, handcrafted stained glass.

Becky Goodman said working with glass became her passion when a friend gave her a handmade Christmas ornament/sun catcher years ago.

“There’s something mystical about glass. It’s different in the morning than it is in the evening,” she said.

Stained glass began as her hobby 27 years ago but, she said, “When I’ve got a real interest in something, it’s a challenge to me to master it. My inventory kept building. I started going to glass shows, trade shows and took master classes at the Rochester Institute of Technology School for the American Craftsmen for a few years.” And, now, she is a master of her craft.

Her favorite items to create are Tiffany-designed lamps. “They have lots of detail,” she said. “I’m a detail person. I want to make them as natural looking as possible.”

Goodman also offers panels and windows, sidelights, doors, cabinet doors and boxes. She enjoys working on commissioned pieces and will work with the customer to create the designs they choose. There is also a number of her pre-made, yet unique, glass items available in the shop.

The couple moved from Rochester, N.Y., in mid-summer 2007. They closed their thriving store, Goodman Stained Glass Shoppe, to move to Townsend.

Becky said, “I followed Carl. He had been hearing about East Tennessee for years from people he worked with who retired here, people who vacationed here, a friend who worked at Alcoa. They’d been telling him ‘you’ve got to check out East Tennessee,’ for five, 10 years. A couple of years ago we came down and rented a cabin. By the end of the week, we’d bought a cabin and decided to stay,” said Becky.

Becky is a member of the Townsend Artisan Guild and of her neighbors, she said the “people in Trillium Cove are phenomenal.”

Her husband points with pride to his wife’s work and their store.

“Becky’s quality, handmade, non-commissioned retail items are available in all price ranges,” said Carl. “We also have quality crafted fine gifts for house warmings, birthdays, anniversaries, any occasion. The theme of the shop is ‘how to make your home a warmer place.’”

Cabin Treasures Prize Pickins and Stain’d Glass is located at 135 Painted Trillium Way in Townsend. Their hours are Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, call 865-448-6868.

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