Political races heat up as forums showcase candidates

The political season began to come into focus Monday with two forums that showcased contestants in the state races being decided in August.

The first event, sponsored by Leadership Blount, was held at the Blount County Chamber of Commerce and brought together candidates for the State House of Representatives and State Senate races.

The second event was held Monday evening at the Blount County Library and was sponsored by the Blount County Republican Women. It featured State Sen. Raymond Finney and challenger, State Rep. Doug Overbey.

In the morning event at the Chamber, State Senate candidates included incumbent State Sen. Raymond Finney, Dr. Ira Lapides of Sevier County and State Rep. Doug Overbey. For the state House of Representatives, candidates Dr. Tona Monroe-Ball, Blount County Commissioner Steve Hargis, Jim Melton and Blount County Commission chairman Dr. Robert Ramsey are vying for District 20 House of Representatives seat while Rep. Joe McCord is running unopposed for the seat in District 8.

Each candidate was given time to introduce themselves and talk about their platforms. That was followed by questions from the audience.

On Monday evening, Sen. Raymond Finney and Rep. Doug Overbey faced a group of approximately 40 members of the Blount County Republican Women and friends. The two candidates were introduced, made some comments and then took questions from the audience.

At the Chamber: District 20 House of Representatives

Tona Monroe-Ball said the reason she’s running is to advocate government accountability. “On all levels of government, people are frustrated. I keep seeing a lot of surveys and studies. People are really fed up. They don’t feel government is listening. It’s too big and invasive. I talk to people who say you have to jump through so many hoops to do anything associated with government,” she said.

Monroe-Ball said she would work to ensure government spends money wisely.

“I’m going to do my best to be a voice for those who are fed up with the way things are. People need to know where their money is being spent and why it’s being spent,” she said.

Hargis said while he’s lived in Blount County 57 years, many things have changed. Hargis said if he’s elected, he’ll work with the Republican caucus to help work get done. Being a county commissioner will serve him well in Nashville because he’ll know how to get things done.

Hargis criticized Gov. Phil Bredesen for a $13 million bunker under construction under the mansion while Blount County schools suffered. “Blount County schools came up three quarters of a million short on B.E.P,” he said.

Jim Melton said he is now working with 21st Mortgage where he is a commercial credit manager. “I think state government should be more open to constituents. I’d like to see more things. I would support ethics legislation. I will try to incorporate into ethics legislation a posting of legislative expense reports and votes online,” he said.

He said his idea would be to create a system similar to C-Span. “We can name it Tenn-Span. I’d like to see legislature sessions live and as many committee meetings as could be filmed and seen live,” Melton said.

Melton also advocated the election of the state treasurer and the attorney general. “Those two now are appointed,” he said. “Those need to be watchdogs.”

Ramsey said he’s lived in Blount County his whole life, first got elected to the county commission in 1990 and has served there ever since, with two stints as interim county mayor added into the equation.

“I’m interested in the operations of local government, and I become interested in operation of state government though seeing how they have a tremendous effect on us,” he said. “Knowing Doug (Overbey) had given up his seat, I felt there was a void in leadership. I’m not running against these candidates but running for this office.”

Ramsey said there is an economic crisis in Nashville. “It’s already here. We certainly cannot burden the tax-paying public with more taxes,” he said. “It will be my job to be a watchdog to make sure the county’s faring well.”

During a question/answer period, Ramsey was asked about his answer on a League of Women voter’s survey in which he admitted to supporting a wheel tax. The questioner asked if that meant he would support new taxes on the state level if he made it to the State House of Representatives.

Ramsey said that locally he would still support the wheel tax because the revenue would be dedicated totally to highways.

“That million would have made us eligible for $4 million from the state. Whenever one dollar gets you four, it’s great,” he said.

Melton said he believed schools should not be burdened with unfunded mandates from the state but should be 100 percent funded. “Education should not be cut,” said Melton. “Those kids are our future.”

Hargis said the budget for Blount County Schools this upcoming year is $77 million. “There’s not enough money in the world to fund education,” Hargis said. “Every year they’re needing $9 or $10 million more.”

In terms of a no-tax pledge that Monroe-Ball and Finney signed, Monroe-Ball said the pledge is important.

“The pledge says you’re pledging to your constituents,” Monroe-Ball said. “I’ve already demonstrated that by signing the tax pledge.”

Hargis said that for the last 10 years on commission, he has opposed all property taxes but he supported an adequate facilities tax. “I’m not going to make a commitment I’m going to not support taxes,” he said. “If there’s no taxes, we’re not going to operate the state of Tennessee. I say I oppose them but if an emergency comes up we will have to raise taxes.”

Melton said he was definitely against state income taxes and signed a pledge to that effect. “The only way I vote for any tax increase will be if people vote on it. When you get into my pocketbook, you better ask,” he said.

Ramsey said he is never one to say never. “But if we could increase revenue stream source where the user pays, that would be a positive,” he said.

At the Chamber: District 8 House of Representatives

State Rep. Joe McCord, who is running unopposed for state representative in Maryville and Sevier County, said in his opening remarks that the races needed to be civil, regardless of what the issues are.

“Why can’t we agree to disagree with civility? It’s not worth losing our civility. It’s nice to see differing opinions. It just puts things in perspective. Thank you all for running. Everybody brings something to the table. I know how difficult it is. Thank you for caring,” he said.

McCord said some lawmakers on the state level come from districts where constituents aren’t involved. “This community holds you under a microscope, and it makes our job easy because people tell us what they want,” he said.

At the Chamber: Tennessee State Senate, District 8

Sen. Raymond Finney, who is nearing the end of his first term in the Senate, said he has worked hard to represent Blount and Sevier counties. “All I can promise is, if re-elected, I’ll continue the next four years as I have in the past, staying in close contact and trying to represent what is in the best interest of the people of the community,” he said.

Ira Lapides said he has a PhD in economics from the University of Tennessee. “I will tell you the body of politics is broken and sick. Our education system is faltering. Tennessee is 49th in income growth. The criminal justice system has become a business, and we’re producing more criminals with the criminal justice system, and it needs reform,” he said.

Lapides said the next big crisis is the healthcare crisis. “When the baby boom bangs, our health system, already taxed, will totally collapse,” he said. “Unless we start planning today for that, we’ll be in the same situation we’re in now with energy.”

Rep. Doug Overbey, currently a Republican State House of Representative challenging fellow Republican Finney for the senate seat, said having options at election time is what elections are all about. “That’s why I offer myself as an option for the 8th District Senate seat,” he said.

Overbey said one of the major issues facing lawmakers is state funding of local schools because the new Basic Education Plan 2.0 decreased the amount given for local schools in Blount County.

“It’s important that your representative in Nashville stand up for and protect and defend state school funding and that we change the formula to make it more fair for counties like Blount County and Sevier,” he said. “The state does not need to have policies that punish communities that are putting a lot of local effort into school funding.”

The candidates were asked their position on the Basic Education Program and increasing funding for local systems in light of decreased state and county revenues.

Finney said the B.E.P. started during the McWherter administration with a complicated analysis that was hard to understand for all involved. With the new B.E.P. 2.0, Sevier County was especially hurt, he said.

“Every school district was increased in money but not to the degree they would have under the old formula,” he said.

Finney said Sen. Jaime Woodson and Comptroller of the Treasury John Morgan told him that B.E.P. was a work in progress. “In the end, I voted for B.E.P. 2.0. It passed 32-to-1. My vote really didn’t matter. We weren’t allowed to vote for parts we liked,” he said. “I’ve been criticized for that. In essence, I voted for the entire education package. It has not hurt anyone.”

Lapides said there needs to be an appraisal factor to make the B.E.P. model work.

“Otherwise, Sevier and Blount counties are going to take a beating,” he said.

Overbey said what was done with the B.E.P. 2.0 was inequitable. He said when former Maryville City Schools director Mike Dalton came out of a meeting in the governor’s office regarding the new schools plan, Overbey said he knew how he would vote.

‘All of us saw immediately that the change was going to have a bad effect on our four local school systems,” Overbey said. “When Dr. Dalton scratched his head and said ‘I don’t understand,’ that galvanized me as to the proper vote to take. Your legislative delegation in the House all opposed it because it was the right thing to do for our community.”

Overbey said he did propose basing the B.E.P. 2.0 on not just the sales tax and property tax base of a system, but also an income base, then the four school systems would have been helped.

Overbey referred to Sen. Finney’s comment that his vote didn’t matter because the BEP 2 passed the senate with such an overwhelming majority. Said Overbey, “I know this isn’t a debate, but if anyone thinks their vote doesn’t matter, they should just stay home and mail it in,” he said. “Your job is to go to Nashville, and, even in losing cases, stand up and fight for the people we represent, especially when it comes to education and schools.”

In terms of a no-tax pledge, Overbey said he never signed it. “I think I’m beholden to the voters to exercise my judgment and not be beholden to anyone other than the voters and not an organization based out of state,” he said.

Republican Women forum

During the evening forum at the Blount County Library and sponsored by the Republican Women of Blount County, the tenor of the discussion was much more like a debate.

Overbey began by talking about his commitment to the community, to the Republican Party and an ability to be an effective lawmaker. “Community involvement informs what you do as a legislator,” he said. “I’m a dyed in the wool Republican who has helped get other Republicans elected to office across the state.”

Finney wasted no time in criticizing his opponent. “While he was out joining clubs, I was at Blount Memorial Hospital. I would go in at 5 in the morning and come home at 6 at night. I ran a busy department of pathology,” he said. “There are different ways to serve the community. You can do ‘Ra-rah-rah’ things or work hard to improve the health of this community.”

Finney said Overbey is known as a Naifeh Republican for his ties with Democratic House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh. “Three times in 2003, 2005 and 2007 he went against his party, the Republican Party you’re here to support, to vote for Jimmy Naifeh,” he said. “There’s a cancer on the Republican Party and he’s part of it.”

Finney criticized Overbey for his record. “Effective conservative leadership - give me a break. Consistently you vote for Jimmy Naifeh and call yourself a conservative. Be proud of what you are,” he said. “Don’t be Nashville Doug doing one thing and Back Home Doug doing another.”

“Rep. Overbey wants you to fire me. You know why he want this job - there’s only two reasons a incumbent senator should be fired,” he said. “One is for moral failure. The second reason is incompetence. I’m not incompetent. I’m not immoral. I ask that you support me.”

Overbey was asked why he supported Naifeh and he said he didn’t do anything differently than Sen. Carl Koella, Rep. Art Swann or former Rep. Bo Henry did.

“No one questioned their reputations, and I resent anyone for questioning mine. I would challenge that. I learned at knee of Jimmy Quillen. I have worked hard for this party, even while building a practice. No one questioned their reputations, and they have no right to question mine,” he said.

Overbey then asked Finney why he ran against former Sen. Bill Clabough if moral failure and incompetence were the only two reasons for challenging an incumbent.

“I ran against him for his vote on the income tax and his votes on abortion,” Finney answered.

Concerning his vote for Naifeh, Overbey said when he arrived in Nashville, he was advised by elder Republicans in the caucus to act in a bi-partisan manner to get more accomplished. “Until we take control of the House, we can’t name who is the speaker,” he said. “I have worked hard to have a majority in the House.”

Overbey said he wasn’t going to beat his breast about his integrity or honesty. “You’ve elected me to various offices since 1982. You either know who I am or you don’t. I simply offer it to you,” he said.

When asked why he would risk losing his seat to a Democrat, Overbey said the seat was never at risk. Comments heard from the audience included, “The demographics are changing,” and “It could happen.”

Finney said since he assumed office he has worked hard to communicate with constituents. “I have tried as hard as I can to stay busy in the community finding out what they want and I will continue to do so,” he said.

Former Blount County commissioner J.C. Franklin asked Overbey what else would he be able to accomplish in the State Senate he couldn’t accomplish in the State House of Representatives.

“If we can accomplish this much by being minority member in the House, think what we can accomplish by being member of the majority party?” he said. “ I will stand up and be there and be counted just as I have been on the floor of the House. I think that’s very, very important.”

Then someone asked if Overbey thought Finney had stood up for the county. Overbey said, “I don’t think he did it on the education issue. He told the Chamber today that your vote doesn’t count. Maybe it doesn’t, but you can espouse what’s best for the county.”

An audience member said, “That’s what people thought about your vote for Naifeh.”

Finney said that one vote was not enough of a reason to fire him.

“If I had voted against it, it would’ve passed 31 to 2. He thinks that’s enough for people to fire me. Much of it is good for Blount County and Sevier County. One part was bad,” Finney said.

Overbey was asked if his stance on Secret Safeplace is a reflection of his commitment to life. “Yes, it’s a reflection of my commitment to the unborn, newborn and those born with disabilities,” he said.

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VolunteerRepublican25 writes:

"While he was out joining clubs, I was at Blount Memorial Hospital. I would go in at 5 in the morning and come home at 6 at night. I ran a busy department of pathology,” he said. “There are different ways to serve the community. You can do ‘Ra-rah-rah’ things or work hard to improve the health of this community.”

If the Senator feels that clubs such as United Way of Blount County and Kiwanis, both of which Doug has served, are "ra-rah-rah" and of no use to our county, then I think that shows perfectly how out of touch he is with what true public service really is. United Way is an organization dedicated to helping those less fortunate and raising money for programs that help so many in Blount County. Kiwanis has been one of the most important service organizations in Blount County for years. To downplay their importance is ridiculous, and shows that Senator Finney cares for little other than his own political gain in office.

Floydthebarber writes:

“While he was out joining clubs, I was at Blount Memorial Hospital. I would go in at 5 in the morning and come home at 6 at night. I ran a busy department of pathology,” he said. “There are different ways to serve the community. You can do ‘Ra-rah-rah’ things or work hard to improve the health of this community.”

You have got to be kidding me!!! Dr. Finney criticizes Repesentative Overbey for his public service in the community? For those that don't know Doug Overbey here's the short list: He has volunteeered and was the Board Chairman for the United Way of Blount County for many years, an agency that only to serves 17% of the population of Blount County. Board member of the Childrens Advocacy Center that has protected thousands of abused children in Blount County, Founding Board member of the Secret Safe Place for Children of Blount County. Other organizations included are Kiwanis, Relay For Life.

OK, Let's pretend it not a political race. Let's pretend that Dr. Finney was just upset or intimidated with at Rep. Overbey's presence or just plain made the statement to defend himself or just goofed.
Just thinking..........

Floydthebarber writes:

“While he was out joining clubs, I was at Blount Memorial Hospital. I would go in at 5 in the morning and come home at 6 at night. I ran a busy department of pathology,” he said. “There are different ways to serve the community. You can do ‘Ra-rah-rah’ things or work hard to improve the health of this community.”

You have got to be kidding me!!! Dr. Finney criticizes Repesentative Overbey for his public service in the community? For those that don't know Doug Overbey here's the short list: He has volunteeered and was the Board Chairman for the United Way of Blount County for many years, an agency that only to serves 17% of the population of Blount County. Board member of the Childrens Advocacy Center that has protected thousands of abused children in Blount County, Founding Board member of the Secret Safe Place for Children of Blount County. Other organizations included are Kiwanis, Relay For Life.

OK, Let's pretend it not a political race. Let's pretend that Dr. Finney was just upset or intimidated with at Rep. Overbey's presence or just plain made the statement to defend himself or just goofed.
Just thinking..........

RightChoice writes:

In my many years of living. I have known many people in different careers. Of which the lawyer, banker friends, etc. that had self made schedules did volunteer for kiwanis, and many charitable organizations. In my experience the majority did so for personal gain. {looks pretty good on paper } for a political campaign thats always good. But the people I've known that did not make their own schedules had no time for these things. They contributed financially and would give the shirt off their back to anyone in need, but when your work day begins at 5 a.m and ends at 6 p.m. or later there is no time for pancake breakfast, serving on boards, and other of these organizations meet ups. I understand that Senator Finney was working hard at a very important job. Not paving the way for campaigning. Because he truly cares for us - not politics.

AlcoaGuy0157 writes:

I think after reading that everyone will know that you are an idiot. My father for one, works as hard as anyone in this county, works more than 40 hours a week, and yet still finds time to do all those "Rah-Rah" clubs that Finney hates so much. So don't give me this about not having time, because if you care about our community, you make time. And I think everyone in the county that volunteers with Kiwanis and United Way will appreciate that one of Finney's staff members said that the majority of them just did it to get their name in the paper and to put it on their resume. Boy, they will love that. Learn some respect for those who give back to our community, and maybe actually try to do that yourself for once.


GOP85 writes:

Ok RightChoice explain this quote and tell me if this is what someone who truly cares about the community would say, "You can do ‘Ra-rah-rah’ things or work hard to improve the health of this community.” This is a slap in the face to anyone who does any nonprfit or community service work. They do this to help others and do it for nothing.

RightChoice writes:

I'm not a Finney staff member just a supporter. I don't think that he has a staff. I realize Overbey is paying people just to put up signs for him.
AlcoaGuy0157 working a 40 hour week frees you up for a lot. Being a doctor does not- unless your private practice. And did you forget continuing education requirements. This idiot knows all about CE hours because this idiot has to keep a license current. But fortunately make my own hours.
The honest volunteers to Kiwanis do deserve a apology from me. I do appreciate your hard work. I'm one of you! I was speaking of the political motivated ones. I've known quite a few.

VolGolfer1998 writes:

I agree with RightChoice that volunteers in our community deserve an apology from both themselves and Sen. Ray Finney, because what he said really was incredibly out of touch and wrong. Just like a lot of what he says. But that BEP vote is what really got me.

And just to let RightChoice know, Alcoaguy said "more than 40 hours" so by that they probably mean more like 50 to 60 hours a week which would make volunteering hard. I think the point of their post was to say you make time if you really care about these organizations. Plus it seems ridiculous to me to say that a lawyer is not working a lot of hours, most lawyers I know put it in a good 50-60 hours a week.

RightChoice writes:

I think he has made some time. As a Gideon church speaker he has certainly made a huge contribution. As well as Check this out:
* Member of the Board of Directors of the Tennessee School Health Coalition, a non-profit organization which promotes healthy lifestyles in Tennessee schools.
* Member of the Board of Advisors of the Men's Health Network.
* Served for eight years as a member of the Board of Directors of Blount Health Educators, Inc.,a non-profit organization teaching sexual abstinence until marriage in Blount County junior and high schools (rotated off because of term limit bylaws provision).
* Immediate past president (and founder) of Blount County Right to Life, a county chapter of Tennessee Right to Life. Member of Sevier County Right to Life.
* In alphabetical order, I am a member of:
o American Association of Retired Persons
o American Society of Clinical Pathologists (emeritus fellow: F.A.S.C.P.)
o Blount County Chamber of Commerce
o Blount County Farm Bureau
o Blount County Friends of the Library
o Blount County Medical Society
o Blount County Republican Executive Committee
o Blount County Republican Women's Club
o Blount County Right to Life
o Cades Cove Protection Association, Advisory Board
o Citizens for Community Improvement, Friendsville
o Civil Air Patrol, Tennessee Legislative Squadron, senior member (rank: Major)
o College of American Pathologists (emeritus fellow: F.C.A.P.)
o Federal Bureau of Investigation Citizens Academy, Knoxville Division, Class Six, 2007 graduate
o Foothills Land Conservancy
o Friends of Blount County Historical Museum
o Friends of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
o Friends of the Kodak Library, Kodak, Tennessee
o Friends of the Library, Blount County
o Friends of Tennessee Libraries Association
o Friends of Tremont (Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont)
o Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce
o Gideons International, The: Blount County North Camp (qualified as a church presenter)
o Heritage Foundation, The
o Leadership Blount (Class of 2008)
o Leadership Sevier (Class of 2006)
o Little River Watershed Association
o National Parks Conservation Association
o National Rifle Association
o Sevier County Farm Bureau
o Sevier County Republican Women's Club
o Sevier County Right to Life
o Sevierville Chamber of Commerce
o Sevierville Fraternal Order of Police (associate member)
o Sons of the Revolution,

Floydthebarber writes:

Mr. or whatever Right Choice,
It seems to me that you're slinging buffalo chips at the wrong croud. Go ahead and critize the Lawyers, Bankers all the other rah rah folks over there in Muryvl. They are a waste to the community, useless to society and just go to these clubs for person gain and to build thier resume for some high fluten job. Come on, If I were a volunteer at any of these rah rah clubs like United Way, Childrens Advocacy Center, Helen Ross McNabb, Lions Club, Rotary this kind of statement would cause a fued over here in M Town and it would cause me to get into the recipe, something Darla been hidin for many years. Its makes a good Bloody Mary before work though. It calms my hands when I'm trimming Barney's nose hairs.

RightChoice writes:

If debating an issue is throwing buffalo chips with Floyd from Mayberry then its pretty interesting. I'm not being critical of all the rah rah folks in Maryville or Sevierville.
I am a member of two of the named clubs, and I hope I'm not a waste to society. What I said was "In my experience the majority did so for personal gain." I did mean the majority of the big money members and yes specifically attorneys and bankers, but not ALL of them. Being from Mayberry you surely know that there is always a few rotten apples in the barrel.
I guess because I am a party to these organizations and the writer of this blog its saved me from the recipe. FYI- their are other members that feel like me. But being the Ms. Ellen of the bunch makes me a bit more vocal. Yep, that makes me a "whatever" since I'm not a Mister.
Floyd, I spent a lot of time at the legislative plaza this past session watching these boys in their own element. I'm basing my decision on what I witnessed not their campaigning.
Oh and be careful trimming Barney's nose hairs. He is the nervous type. Now, nose hairs makes me glad I'm not a mister.

VolGolfer1998 writes:

Since you spend so much time at the capital, does that mean you are a lobbyist? Hmmm.... And its also pretty easy to directly cut and paste stuff from a website. I know the local Farm Bureau very well and I dont see his involvement with that very much.

RightChoice writes:

VolGolfer1998, No -I am NOT a lobbyist, but I met a few with good causes and a few with out. Yes, cutting and pasting is easier than typing out all the facts when there are so many!And that wasn't even all of them! Are you a member of any charitable organizations? If you are involved with your local Farm Bureau business meetings. How could you not see his involvement?

AlcoaGuy0157 writes:

Because the only time he is there is when they invite him for a legislative coffee and Doug and Joe come. Wow... really involved. And yes I am, but as a college student most of my charity work goes through my service organizations (service fraternity, college republicans, business fraternity) at school since I do not go to school in Maryville. However, I have the perfect example in my parents who are members of United Way, Kiwanis, Farm Bureau, and the list goes on. But I'm sorry, we don't have a website to copy and paste from. They are the main reason having them called, "Rah-Rah-Rah clubs," especially when I know the time and energy Doug put into those things, along with my parents, that I saw first hand.

RightChoice writes:

AlcoaGuy0157, I applaud you for being so politically motivated at such a young age. I'm sure your parents are rightly proud of you. It looks like they have been a wonderful example for you in all their volunteer work. I'm sure your parents are wonderful people. I certainly don't need to see any copy/paste of their charity work. I'm only interested in the candidates. I may actually know your parents as I volunteer for two of the groups you named. Again, way to go! We differ on candidate choices, but I'm impressed with your dedication. Good luck in all your endeavors.

AlcoaGuy0157 writes:

Thanks and same to you, but I must insist on standing up for Overbey when I feel strongly about his election. But thanks to your work as well.

Floydthebarber writes:

Thank the lord yall have called it quits. That last time I saw such fussing my pitbull Sassey had pups in the wash tub on the front porch. Two of them were runts. One stayed sick all the time, pewkin on the other. I called him Vomit and the other Comet. Ever time Vomit would pewk, Comet would run under the truck faster than a Haley the Comet. The names just seemed natueral. Darla got mad as heck at me for letin Sassey and Biggin get frisky made all them pups. I've read the Murvl Times online versions of all the Political tuff that Overbey and Finney have said about each other. Overbey is the only one that has proven to me hes telling the straight story. I spent 4 hours reading the Bills the Finney quoted that Overbey was supporting with specific quotes and for goodness sake I can't find Overbey's involvement and some dont exist. I've heard that when a canidate knows he wooped, they will do anything to create a level of uncertainty.
This smells like the north end of a south bound mule!! Now liets not get the thistles in our shorts again, Please read the information very closly.

RightChoice writes:

Floydthebarber, You really make me laugh. You paint quite the picture with your words. I'll bet your fun to be around. You inspired me to spend some time researching some of this political stuff our candidates are slinging around. Because I'm open minded and want to know the truth. However, this is what I found on the issues I looked up.
I looked up HB2293 and Overbey really did vote against raising teacher pay. I looked up HB3046 and Overbey really did co-sponser the largest tax increase in Tn. history. I looked up SB0912 amendment2 and Overbey really did vote against requiring a photo i.d to vote. I checked SB 3098 and Overbey really did vote against allowing Tennesseans to elect our own supreme court judges.
Overbey has some good points he say's Finney's vote hurt Blount and Sevier Co. It hurt our feelings, but his vote didn't decide the outcome. We'd still have less money for the kids and budget deficits, the money would have still gone to Memphis. But at this point I think I'll just vote for Bishop no ones got nothing bad to say about him.