Overbey kicking off campaign to move to the State Senate

Bob and Susan Hirche will host State Rep. Doug Overbey and supporters during a campaign kickoff celebration on the banks of the Little River. The event will be from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Friday June 20, at 1012 Hitch Road.

Overbey is a four-term Republican state representative who has been in the state House for seven years. He is a member of the Finance, Ways and Means Committee, Health and Human Resources Committee, Select Committee on Ethics and Joint Select Committee on Children and Youth. He is chairman of the House Health Care Facilities Subcommittee and a member of the Budget Subcommittee. In 2007, he was elected Secretary of the Joint Study Committee on Long Term Care.

Overbey is challenging State Sen. Raymond Finney in the Republican primary on Aug. 7.

During his seven years in the legislature, Rep. Overbey has been a supporter of veterans and legislation that supports veterans, such as supporting veterans service officers in each county of the state, sponsoring and gaining passage of the law that has eliminated the 30-day time period for POW’s to qualify as a disabled veteran for property tax relief and the law that allows all service-related totally disabled veterans to qualify for property tax relief. In 2006, Overbey sponsored and gained passage of a bill granting property tax relief to surviving spouses of members of the Armed Services killed in combat.

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Sunny308 writes:

This primary contest will be unique. Normally, when there is a Republican primary challenge, there has been gross deviation from the conservative principles stated in the Republican platform. This challenge seems to be motivated in a stepping stone approach to becoming Governor someday. I suppose that the challenger can ask Republicans to support him as he has consistently voted for liberal Democrat Speaker Jimmy Naifeh. Naifeh is the author of the Tennessee state income tax and other liberal initiatives. Naifeh has recently voted against gun owners. Both the challenger, Overbey and Naifeh overwhelmingly passed a Tennessee toll road bill. The measure died in the Senate, thanks mainly to Tona Monroe-Ball and other conservatives fighting against the Senate version.

Do we conservatives really want to send a RINO to the Senate to replace a perfect platform Republican Senator like Finney? I hope not.

Let's NOT vote for Doug Overbey, "The man who would be Governor?"

SunshineStranger writes:

Doug overbey has been a long time presence in the General Assembly,...perhaps too long. He has been in bed with the worst elements there. He has voted for a real slimebag, none other than Speaker Jimmy Naifeh. Naifeh has tried to pass a state income tax, he has pushed every leftist, anti freedom measure you can think of. He has pushed supported laws that try to hurt home schoolers, he has opposed legislation to protect the unborn, and not only that, he and his lobbyist wife have personally profited by taking money from the very people who want to treat us like we are their personal ATM Machines. Naifeh has done all this with the complicit help of our own Doug Overbey. Mr. Overbey is a Republican in Name Only. A vote for Overbey is a vote for Democratic leadership in Tennessee.

KM writes:

Boy it sure makes a lot of sense to me to sit and nit-pick about a procedural vote that in the end didn't matter but yet when Finney votes for BEP 2.0 which caused a multi-million dollar shortfall in education funding for Blount schools you guys are no where to be heard from. Lets focus on votes that matter, not meaningless procedural votes that had no affect on the outcome of the house leadership.

Cincinnatus writes:

This isn't nit-picking. Mr. Overbey voted for a man (Naifeh) who rules the TN House with an iron fist and kills good legislation in committee so his fellow Democrats won't have to go on record opposing it, because their constituents support it! Mr. Overbey's vote for Naifeh is an embarrassment to this county. As Mr. Overbey said himself, “If anybody thinks their vote doesn’t matter, then stay home and mail it in.” He rightly believes votes are important, and his vote for Naifeh is no exception.

Either Mr. Overbey is willing to stand up for sound Conservative principles and fight Jimmy Naifeh and bad legislation, or he's willing to sell us out so he can get a pass on his feel-good legislation and move up in politics. Unfortunately, it appears to be the latter.

GOP85 writes:

Yeah, Mr. Finney is a real conservative. He loves the party so much that he did absolutely nothing for it before he was elected. Until he needed the party, it was not worth his time. He never supported the party financially or offered his services in other ways such as working in the community on the party's behalf. If conservatism was in his blood why did he hide from it for all those years? Sounds a lot like John Kerry to me; say whatever you can to get elected and masquerade as something you are not.