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Shinn’s hook-and-lateral shot Editor’s Choice

When Blount Today made the decision to go heavy after area high school and youth sports three years ago, we had one free-lance photographer on call.

Elizabeth Smith shot everything back then. At a moment’s notice, there would be a phone call. She’d get someone to cover for her at her day job, and off she’d go. She got it all done. She had a lot of hustle and never complained, but it had to be exhausting.

Since then, Brandon Shinn, Leslie Karnowski and LuAnne Jackson have come on board. The four of them rank with the best you’ll find anywhere.

To thank them for what’s been a long, hard season - it starts in early August and ends in late May in this business - the sports desk at Blount Today has selected from their work this past year its Editor’s Choice Awards.

All the shots were great, but one stood head and shoulders above the rest. It wasn’t just the game where it was taken. It wasn’t just when during the game it was taken. It wasn’t that no other photographer got the shot. It wasn’t just the quality of the photograph itself.

It was all those things that led to Shinn’s capture of the winning play in the Maryville/William Blount football game which in turn led to the photo being named Sports Photo of the Year.

Shinn knew he had something before he left Governor Stadium that night, but he didn’t let on. When he submitted his CD of photographs the next day, he buried the shot way down on the list, then sat patiently close by as each successive frame appeared on the computer screen. When the Aaron Douglas to Thomas Shuler lateral appeared, he beamed a grin you only get when you know you’ve just hit it out of the park.

We hope you enjoy them all. These shooters are good. As Blount Today continues to grow, we only hope to bring you more.

See you at the games.

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