Alcoa Electric welcomes first generation partner

The City of Alcoa Electric Department announced today that Blount County resident, Mr. Warren Harris, is the first Alcoa utility customer to become a Green Power Switch (GPS) Generation Partner. The TVA GPS program provides support and incentives for the installation of solar and wind generating facilities making more green power available for GPS subscribers. It creates a market for small-scale green power generation by homeowners and small businesses. In June of this year, Green Earth Services of Knoxville, along with J. Baker Electric, installed 18 solar panels to the roof of Warren’s home. These 18 panels will make up the 3.74 kW system. When asked why he decided to have solar panels installed, he replied, “I’m interested in trying to find other sources of energy besides what we currently use and everything eventually lives out its life. I wanted to do what I could to help the environment by using an alternative energy source.” This decision was long thought out since his investment is close to $30,000.00.

Mr. Harris can expect that his solar installation will produce about 4,488 kilowatt hours during a year of use. Extremely hot weather like Blount Countians have been experiencing interferes with maximum solar production. Solar panels produce better in spring, fall and winter when the temperatures are cooler.

TVA will purchase 100 percent of the green power that Harris produces at a rate of 15 cents per kilowatt-hour. Residents like Mr. Harris may also receive an addition $500 incentive to help with start up costs.

For more information on Green Power Switch Generation Partners program visit the website at or contact Ed Zubco with Green Earth Services at 865-769-7337, or call Alcoa Electric Dept 865-380-4700.

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