Sen. Raymond Finney endorsed by National Rifle Association

State Senator Raymond Finney has been given a rating of “A” by the National Rifle Association (NRA) for his four years of service in the Tennessee General Assembly. In addition, the NRA has endorsed his candidacy for re-election to the Tennessee Senate.

In making this announcement, NRA state liaison Heidi Keesling said that part of Senator Finney’s endorsement was based on his “strong and vocal support of our Right to Keep and Bear Arms.”

Sen. Finney said he was grateful that the NRA recognizes that he is a strong defender of the Second Amendment. “The U.S. Supreme Court affirmed, in its recent District of Columbia vs Heller decision, that the Second Amendment provides the right to bear arms to Americans individually, not only collectively in a ‘militia’ setting. We must now guard this right at the level of all state governments,” Finney said.

The NRA, founded in 1871, is the nation’s largest organization devoted to promotion of firearm safety and defense of Second Amendment rights. Nearly three-million persons are NRA members.

Sen. Finney talked about the outstanding safety record of Tennesseans who hold gun carry permits. “From October of 1996 through December of 2007, more than 388,000 gun carry permits have been issued by the state. Presently, more than 193,000 Tennesseans hold active permits,” he said. “I cannot find one instance of a gun carry permit holder who has committed a criminal act with his or her gun. This outstanding record is in keeping with my personal observation that gun carry permit holders in my district are among our most safety-minded and responsible citizens.”

Finney said it is well-established that possession of firearms by gun carry permit holders decreases crimes, including violent crimes. “Crime reduction is one reason that I strongly support Second Amendment rights for Tennesseans, under our present permit system administered by the Tennessee Department of Safety,” he said.

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Floydthebarber writes:

Mr Alcoa Guy, I went out there on and searched under the videos under Senator Raymond Finney and found it. I never could figure what was going on. Could you help me understand it. Surely this was a practice exersize before the real meeting.

Floydthebarber writes:

Well I'm suprised that the NRA would support Finney without somebody askling them to do so. Can you see Finney in a Deer Stand? Heck, My dear stand is my front porch caus I live weres their plenty of deer but for goodness sake I like the varmets except when they get in the mater garden. I am visiting cuzin Billy this weekend and Truth Radio was on up here on Nebo last nite and Overbey was the guest speaker. Billy a small business man raising friendly Pit Bull Terrriers was able to get his question answered about the State Income Tax. Wow he realy knows the beans bout whats under everbodys craw over here. I think the second call was Finney and he did'nt have question, just wanted to give Overbey some crap. Well, the crap lasted bout 15 secons cause Overbey jumped in his beard real quick and told him to hed have his turn some other time. I got a visual on Finney after listening to Overbey shuten him up and I'll bet his boxer shorts were pinched beyond repair unless he had some caster oil to soften things up.
Folks you heard Dr. Mike Dalton last week on the telephone telling you that Overbey was the right person in the Senate for education. Dang I wished Dr. Dalton was the supertendant over in M-berry when I was growing up, maybe my grammer would be a bit better. You can't tell me theres anybody in Maryville any better of a man than Mike Dalton.
Sis up on Waldens Creek in Sevier called last night and she said she heard the radio all the way up there. She's getin together some of her teacher friends next week for a discussion on what to do next about Finney. If i wuz him I'd give up on Sevier county cause that ant going to allow him back without some explaning. Hec just give up Blount County and save your retired money for your kids.
You know, I'll bet Finney and his dear wife are pretty dog gone good people, worked hard at doctoring, and raised a respectfull family. I cant be disrespectfull for anybody that do so, but you really got to stand back and look at the choice you have to be effective.
Overbey sure seems to be that and for crying out loud MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE!

RightChoice writes:

Floydthebarber are you a NRA member? Because my husband is a lifetime member and he also has served a career in law enforcement. I can assure you that the NRA is supporting Senator Finney because he is the right man to serve us as Senator. This Overby says alot but look at the facts-
Overbey- co-sponsored and voted for the largest tax increase in Tn. history House Bill 3046
Overbey- Voted against authorization of the State to contribute more to local school districts for the cost of teachers salaries. HB2293
Does your Sis on Waldens creek know that?
I could go on and on. Or you could go to the Tennessee Legislation web page and see for your self!
Senator Finney is the man for the job. Don't fall for the smooth talk of an attorney.
I'm sure he is a darn good attorney and I don't want to be disrespectful either. But if your going to stand back and look at the choices then check the facts yourself. Don't believe everything you hear!

BarneyFife writes:

As a NRA Life Member, I believe the NRA endorsed Senator Finney because of his REAL support of Second Amendment issues and his introduction of pro carry legislation in the Senate. I believe Doug Overbey did not receive that endorsement because of his support of and vote for Democratic Speaker of the House Jimmy Naifeh, who made a personal appearance in committees to squash any pro carry or pro Second legislation. Finney not only says he is pro carry and Second Amendment, his voting record backs it up.

GOP85 writes:


"Overbey- Voted against authorization of the State to contribute more to local school districts for the cost of teachers salaries. HB2293"

You realize HB 2293 was Basic Education Plan 2.0. I know it is a hard concept to grasp because so much money was taken away from the young minds of Blount and Sevier counties and sent away to the big cities. I also have a hard time seeing how Finney or anyone for that matter would ay it was perfectly fine to vote for it. Basic math will let you know that if you have a severe budget shortfall, raising teacher pay really will not help. Wake up for a second and understand that Finney made a mistake. He has said it in news papers time and time again. Now that he is in a campaign setting he is backing away from it and saying it helped both counties. Give me a break.

As far as checking the facts, I think that is perfectly fine. However, in checking the facts I was able to find many things that changed my vote from Finney to Overbey. Finney is just not a good legislator. He calls any fact that makes him look bad a lie. He consistently leaves votes off of the Check it for yourself and you will find no mention of BEP 2.0. There is plenty to say about Ray's record. The truth hurts at times and Ray is finding that out.

RightChoice writes:

"Basic math will let you know that if you have a severe budget shortfall, raising teacher pay really will not help." Lets see Overbey voted against it because his vote wouldn't matter?
six of one half a dozen of another.
Never heard Finney saying that the vote he regrets making has helped both counties. Could you show me that? Finney is a man of honest integrity.

AlcoaGuy0157 writes:

I really have no idea how that is a response to anything he said RightChoice. Plus Finney was quoted in the Mtn Press as saying, "I regret that vote, if I could go back in time, I would change it to a no vote or vote present." So he needs to pick a position: Either it was bad and he made a very bad decision to vote for it or it didn't matter and he is extremely wrong for thinking that.

I think that saying things like "He is a man of honest integrity" and making that your argument for his election are a bit ridiculous. He may be a man of great integrity, but so are a lot of other people, and so is Doug Overbey. So really, this election is not about integrity or character, or even about a lot of the issues they agree about; it's about school funding, creating jobs, and being effective. And the choice is Doug Overbey

GOP85 writes:

Actually, Finney is the one that said his vote didn't matter. Here are his words taken from Blount Today: “In the end, I voted for B.E.P. 2.0. It passed 32-to-1. My vote really didn’t matter." he then goes on to say it "It has not hurt anyone.”
Tell that to school board members who have seen $13 million leave the district.

Here is the link:

Next, your claim that you "Never heard Finney saying that the vote he regrets making has helped both counties." Well, these are his words from the League of Women Voters Forum: "BEP had five parts, four of which helped Blount County.”

Here is the link to that:

There is no spin to this they are his own words.

RightChoice writes:

GOP85 -Yes, your first paragraph is right on - no arguments here.
However, the school board members would have seen the money leave the district regardless of Finney's vote. I have three close family members who teach in the public school system and they are intelligent enough to realize that.
I read the link you sent and didn't find Finney saying that the vote he regrets making has helped both counties. Perhaps I overlooked it. I am curious could you copy and paste it with leading comments to perhaps help me find it? If he said this I'm disturbed...I had the opportunity to be in Nashville at the Capital during this legislative session. So my judgment is coming from what I witnessed first hand. I witnessed Overbey and Finney in their own element. And finney stood out in all instances. But if he said that I want to know.

VolGolfer1998 writes:

Finney may have stood out, but not in a good way. He is an embarrassment to our county in Nashville. And you vote in the best interest of your district, not just depending on what the outcome will be. Here's a hypothetical: If there was a bill mandating something terrible like taking every gun away, but it was going to pass by a 32-1 margin; would that make it ok for Sen. Finney to vote for it since "it was going to pass anyway." I seriously doubt that. You vote the way your district elects you to vote, and district and the school board directors and the county executives agree that the bill hurt us. So yes, Finney stood out - for being incompetent.

GOP85 writes:

I couldn't agree more, Finney stood out because of how poor of a legislator he is. You make me laugh. Did you not see that video of him presenting bills. He continuously has to be asked to do something over or presents meaningless legislation that helps no one, i.e. bestiality, California emissions etc. I sent you the link to his quote about the schools you obviously didn’t read very well. Further, you made the statement “the school board members would have seen the money leave the district regardless of Finney's vote”. Like him you refuse to admit his vote was a mistake. It hurt the district when he sold out and voted for it instead of standing up for his constituents. He didn’t represent the people he was elected to support. Regardless of whether it would pass or not, a true leader says I’m going to stand up for my district because IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO! I'm not questioning Finney as a person. I'm just wondering why he always prevaricates on his record and votes he has made.

RightChoice writes:

Are you for gun rights? Because Naifeh, made a personal appearance in committees to ruin any pro carry or pro Second legislation. Finney not only says he is pro carry and Second Amendment, his voting record backs it up. Why does Overbey support Naifeh? Does voting for Naifeh make Overbey incompetent. Finney admmittedly regrets his vote but I have heard no regrets from Overbey for supporting Naifeh by voting for him three times.

GOP85 writes:

Where does Finney say he regrets his vote for BEP? Show me. I want substance from you not Finney did this or that. Show me a publication or some other source where he said he regrets his vote.

RightChoice writes:

Gop85- Here is your substance link -
His words were "mistake" sorry I thought he said "regret". So, on that note show me a publication where Overbey says he regrets or made a mistake in voting for anti- gun rights liberal Naifeh.

AlcoaGuy0157 writes:

He doesn't say it was a mistake, because a vote against Naifeh meant nothing when a vote for him meant that Doug would be able to pass conservative legislation in a Democratic House... something people like Finney (aka Stacey Campfield) do not do. In fact, I dont think Stacey Campfield passed one bill in the 105th. Wow, that really helped us conservatives out. Instead, Doug passed a bill limiting frivilous lawsuits, a bill that stopped waste in a government department, and bills keeping the taxes low for veterans. I, as a complete, pro-gun, pro-life conservative, would much rather have that over a Stacey Campfield. You see, Doug can still stand up to the liberal legislation that comes through there, and he does, so really he has every advantage over people like Campfield. Case in point: Doug cast the tie-breaking vote overruling Naifeh to bring SJR 127 to the floor. That isn't taking a stand against Naifeh for every pro-lifer out there? I think it is. We need conservatives who can stand with principle and at the same time respect every Tennessean enough to actually produce results... not just make political statements. Raymond Finney has no idea what it is like to work in the minority party... if he did, he would accomplish nothing most likely. I can only imagine what Doug could accomplish in the majority, and that's why we need to elect him on Aug. 7th.

RightChoice writes:

The Speaker of the House appoints committees and rules the legislative body. I cannot agree that voting for a person who opposes the second amendment, and pro life bills is strategic.

AlcoaGuy0157 writes:

So you are saying that you will not vote for Joe McCord or Richard Montgomery either because they also voted for Naifeh. Voting for him did more good than voting against him would have done. No one complained when Doug and Joe made sure we got the funding for the new Pellissippe campus, despite budget shortfalls. No one complained when Doug had the ability to go to the Dept. of Revenue to insist and make sure that Kerosene used to heat homes was not taxed. Do you think people like Stacey Campfield can be that effective? It's very doubtful.

RightChoice writes:

Thats right I'm going to write in a vote for both of them. Doug and Joe didn't singlehandedly get these things done.
From the "State Reps. Joe McCord and Doug Overbey and State Sen. Raymond Finney have pushed hard to keep the campus on the to-do list in Nashville, said Jerome Moon, Pellissippi State Foundation Board of Trustees member." As far as the kerosene tax it had to go through the general assembly Overbey didn't singlehandedly make sure it was not taxed all on his own. He was not the only sponsor either.

AlcoaGuy0157 writes:

He was the only one at the Dept of Revenue working on it thought. Look at the Daily Times story from December.

And if you refuse to vote for two of our greatest Representatives because of that... well that just shows how disconnected Finney's camp really is.