Tennessee Right to Life endorses Finney

The Tennessee Right to Life recently endorsed State Sen. Raymond Finney in the Republican primary on Aug. 7.

Speaking on behalf of the organization, Tennessee Right to Life president Brian Harris joined with local chapter leaders to make the public announcement.

“With the re-election of Raymond Finney, voters have a unique opportunity to support one of the Legislature’s most capable defenders of the human life,” said Harris.

“Senator Finney’s demonstrated commitment to promoting respect for human life is matched by his compassion and concern for the women, children and families of this state,” said Mandi Leopper, president of Blount County chapter of Right to Life.

Ursula Beckman, president of the Sevier county affiliate, agreed. “Raymond’s credentials as a physician and a longtime advocate qualify him to speak effectively on matters affecting the protection and dignity of human life.”

According to the organization, election of pro-life leaders is all the more critical considering recent debate on SJR 127, a proposed amendment resolution calling for a public vote on abortion regulation in Tennessee. The resolution has passed the Senate four times since 2001 but has been opposed and defeated each time in the House by pro-abortion Democratic leadership despite the sponsorship and support of a majority of state House members.

Harris acknowledged the organization’s lack of support for challenger, outgoing State Rep. Doug Overbey. “While in the House, Rep. Overbey consistently voted to support the election of a radically pro-abortion Speaker of the House,” said Harris. “As a result, efforts in the House to restore even the most modest pro-life laws in our state were squelched and killed without debate or vote.”

Harris said the organization is confident that Finney “will continue to support the election of pro-life leadership in the Legislature and to consistently lead the fight to protect innocent human life.”

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Floydthebarber writes:

Folks, over the mountian here we just don't get into other persons business regarding pro-life or pro-choice so I want go there. I'm not a politichian or a rocket man "close However" but if I were trying to make a choice on who to vote for it would NOT be Finney. Dang, I've looked at your Blount Today and the Murvl Times and I cant find any real issues that y'all are facing that finney has addressed. Surely the goodness Finney kind find something like maybe the Jar fly problem you got this year (Liets call it SB-001). Hey that's an idea, a jump start on the session, liets make that SB-002 that will fit in with the others planned. My Sis in Sevierville had a dog that almost died because he ate to many. Big time belly ache and a heck of a mess in the neighbors yard.
It seems to be all about this speaker guy in Nashville. Finney must really hate this speaker guy to talk about him so much or his campaign advisor must really have a shoe thing. My sister up in Waldens Creek in Sevierville got two of them shoe shine cards in the mail and who ever shined 'em it that picture did a pretty good job, right out of G-Q magizine, not a big seller here in Mberry.
I understand the speaker guy is a Democrate and it apperars from these cards that Finney hates those type but I'll bet Finney is a "Closet Case Democrate", in other words has anybody ever ask him if he has voted for a Democrate? Go ahead, I know the answer because I looked up on the records just because I got tired of hearing about this nothing issue. ASK ME! Pleeeease!! It's no wonder Overbey has'nt said much about this.
Sorry to drag on as its time for a shave and a hair cut.

RightChoice writes:

The topic here is "Tennessee Right to Life endorses Finney"
So sorry Overbey did not get their endorsement. Makes you wonder why? Oh I forgot he didn't deserve it!

GOP85 writes:

Why did he not deserve it? He voted for SJR127 every time it was brought up. Don't take my word for it look at the Tennessee Right to Life's website: http://www.tennesseerighttolife.org/n...

Don't just make a statement, back it up. Why did Overbey not deserve the endorsement he is 100% pro-life just the same as Finney.

VolGolfer1998 writes:

You know I would think that Tenn. Right to Life would just embrace the fact that both are 100% pro-life and enjoy that they will have a pro-life Senator in the 8th district no matter what really. Why choose instead to alienate one candidate especially when that candidate has a great chance of winning. What will Tenn. Right to Life do if Overbey wins? Not support him? That makes very little sense to me. I wonder what Finney's camp had to do with all this and if they had a say in the matter while Overbey's camp did not.

If I were TN right to life I would have just counted my blessings instead of trying to alientate a candidate that embraces what they believe. I think the same goes for the NRA, and I know that a bunch of NRA members are not happy about that.

Floydthebarber writes:

Hey Right "wing" Choice,
I've been following all this jabbing yoove been doing and you know I've just learned that if you read you will understand and possibly LEARN. Since I do understand all these bills and admendments that the Volboy been throwing at you I guess I am close to being as smart as a rocket maker. I would suggest just what or which part do you not understand and ask Volboy to send you a copy of the Bill or better yet the all so important AMENDMENTS. Surely you could find something better to do maybe eaten buggers would be more exciten, you never know what comming next and I think the Volboy pretty dang smart!!