Heritage passes on football jamboree

With no AD in place, school cedes season kickoff to Maryville

Finding money for new uniforms just got tougher for John Gallagher.

The Heritage High band director was informed on Tuesday the school was no longer hosting next month’s Maryville Orthopaedic Clinic football jamboree. The school’s administration finalized a deal with Maryville earlier in the day to play the nine-team season kickoff at Maryville’s Shields Stadium this year, with Heritage, hopefully, resuming its place in the rotation next fall.

High school bands typically derive much of their operating income from the concession sales at home football games, including the jamboree. The money Gallagher was counting on from this year’s jamboree now belongs to Maryville.

“It was very disappointing,” Gallagher said. “We were really counting on it because our income has been a little lower lately. Each year, it gets harder and harder to raise money.”

The change stems from a move by the Blount County Board of Education last week to amend the job description for the athletics directors at Heritage and William Blount in its 2008-09 budget. The board, in a late-added amendment, voted to eliminate the positions of Terri Bradshaw (Heritage) and Don Moore Jr. (William Blount) full-time.

Taking their place at each school would be a half-time athletics director at the high school, doing double duty as a half-time assistant principal at each school’s new freshman academy.

Combining the two positions “effectively put Terri and Donny out of a job,” said school board member Mike Treadway, who, along with board member Chris Cantrell, voted against the amendment.

Neither Moore nor Bradshaw possessed the administrative certification to apply for the new position. It left Heritage without an athletics director - full-time or otherwise - a month before the start of football season.

No athletics director, no jamboree.

Now, it may prove a move the board lawfully couldn’t have made.

“There has been some question raised that the board could not have done that because it was not on the agenda,” director of schools Alvin Hord said.

With the amendment never on the board’s agenda, subjecting it to public input, the change is now in flux. Hord said Tuesday the board’s lawyer is looking into the matter, and the state education association has been contacted for clarification.

“It’s going to be like it is until we know it should be put back on the agenda,” Hord said. “If they tell us it should have been on the agenda, it will be on the agenda for the July 31 meeting.”

It likely will be, Treadway said. It’ll likely pass again, too. It still won’t sit well.

The amendment wasn’t part of the budget he’d seen before leaving on vacation, he said. When he returned last week, it included the change.

A motion was made and quickly seconded at the June 30 meeting to include it, he said. Afterward, Bradshaw and Moore were phoned and informed their jobs had been done away with.

“I don’t think it was the right way to do things,” Treadway said.

Phasing in such an athletic administration had been talked about, he said, but this wasn’t how it should have been done.

Bradshaw, classified as hired but not placed, has the certification to return the classroom within the school system as both an English and physical education teacher. Moore, without the same certification, doesn’t have that option.

“He can’t go back in the classroom,” Treadway said. “Donny’s looking at retiring. Neither of them wants their job back.”

The schedule for next month’s jamboree is subject to change, Maryville assistant athletics director Chip Fuller said. The host school typically plays the final quarter, with its junior varsity opening the event against a team from one of the smaller schools.

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skittles writes:

Another bad decision by Mandigo?!! I think so!! Who does this woman think she is?! She comes in from her high class position in Florida and starts ruining our small home town traditions...NOT RIGHT! Not only that, but now Heritage's band program is going to be in financial strain. She obviously does not care about others feelings.