Finney wants network to promote family-friendly legislation

Sen. Raymond Finney is promoting a network to concentrate on family-friendly legislation.

Sen. Raymond Finney is promoting a network to concentrate on family-friendly legislation.

State Sen. Raymond Finney recently announced a new network that would team volunteer constituents from across the state with legislatures to create laws that are friendly to families.

Finney told Blount Today that the Tennessee Family Legislative Network should be fully organized by the time the next state legislative session begins in January. The network is designed to make state government work better for Tennessee families, he said.

“Our entire state benefits when families are strengthened,” Finney said. “This network will in no way act contrary to the needs of single persons or older couples with grown children. The network merely recognizes that a segment of our citizens needs a sympathetic and supportive voice in Nashville.”

The senator said “family” would be defined to include single parents with children, couples without children and traditional father-mother-children families. Shortly after the General Assembly convenes in January, Finney said he will call upon all 132 legislators for an organizational meeting.

“I anticipate there will be legislators from both parties and houses to show support and interest in trying to work on this. We will put out in all districts calls for people to volunteer to be advisory constituents. We will post legislation of concern and interest. We’ll also post alerts for families, and progress we’re making and allow them to comment,” he said.

Finney said the network will have a blending of legislators and their constituents back home working on family legislation. “I don’t know if it’s unprecedented but it is going to be unique where we’ll have this sort of cooperation between citizens back home and the legislatures they send to Nashville,” he said.

Finney said he started work on this initiative at the end of this year’s legislative session. “I’ve talked to colleagues in Nashville, and they’re excited about it. We’re going to make this work,” he said. “This will be a network of citizens through the state volunteering to review legislation that comes through that affects families and support legislation if it is good, and amend or defeat legislation if it against families.”

Finney said lawmakers need to make government friendly to families through taxes and other means to help them support their families and raise their children.

The senator said he could’ve made this into a caucus but chose not to do so.

“That would have been limited to legislatures, and we want people in the community to be intimately involved in the process. By calling it a ‘network,’ we can have people in the community help us on these issues,” he said.

Finney said he first became interested in creating the network about a year ago when a constituent called and was interested in a bill. “I told her there was a lot of opposition by several lobbyists, and I said that the bill would have a tough time passing. She said, ‘Who is my lobbyists and who’s going to represent me in Nashville?’

“It made me start thinking. Most lobbyists are for special interests, and there are not any lobbyists for families. You could argue that these different lobbyists do represent families indirectly, but we need someone whose interest is just families and who will make sure we keep government friendly toward families and keep legislation aimed at being as helpful as possible to the family.”

Finney said the network will get more people involved in the legislative process.

“This is the reason we’re doing this -- to get more people involved in the legislative process. We hope we’ll get many volunteers across the state who will have input on legislation,” he said.

Finney said often because of the tax process, families feel like they’re working for the government. “We need to change that around so that government is working for families,” the senator said. “Government should be a better servants of the people.”

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larryb1969 writes:

I appreciate so much what Senator Finney has done, is doing, and will do for the citizens of Blount and Sevier Counties. It is not too often that I find myself 100% committed to a government official. Senator Finney is a true statesman in the order of Thomas Jefferson and Ronald Reagan. He is definitely for the people. He fully deserves to be re-elected. Statesmen like him are rare, indeed.
It is a shame that free circulation of Blount Today is limited to a few neighborhoods. I used to received it but it has been several months.
The online survey is unfair because many of the Senator's supporters are seniors who do not have computers.
Larry Bowers

GOP85 writes:

I can't believe you would compare Finney to Ronald Reagan. That is quite possibly the most absurd statement you could make. Finney never helped the party before he needed it. He also totes a ridiculous left wing environmental agenda. He, and liberals like him, are responsible for these ridiculous and out of control gas prices. Finney also talks endlessly about what great character he has. Well, that is something others say about you, not something you say about yourself. Finney sounds more like an arrogant, closet liberal than a true conservative.

AlcoaGuy0157 writes:

I'm not sure if Larry even knows what a statesman is, but if you want a true statesman in the Senate, then you need to vote for Doug Overbey. A true statesman is a legislator who can stand for true conservative ideals while also working effectively with everyone in Nashville to help our state. A statesman is not someone who puts out empty conservative rhetoric then supports bills that hurt our economy and kill our education funding. It is someone who can back up what they say with bills passed helping veterans, children, the elderly and all Tennesseans. The true statesman in this race is Doug Overbey, not Raymond Finney. Comparing Finney to Thomas Jefferson and Ronald Reagan is a bit ridiculous, especially since the man can literally work with no one (Republicans or Democrats) to do good for our great state.

Floydthebarber writes:


Go to:

or and search Finney Talks Bestiality to see Finney in action presenting this bill. I should be a hit on Comedy Central.

I've cut "Earnest T's" hair for 40 years and thought I had heard and seen it all.

Mayberry NC.

RightChoice writes:

alcoaguy, Thanks for describing Senator Finney
"A true statesman is a legislator who can stand for true conservative ideals while also working effectively with everyone in Nashville to help our state. A statesman is not someone who puts out empty conservative rhetoric then supports bills that hurt our economy and kill our education funding. It is someone who can back up what they say with bills passed helping veterans, children, the elderly and all Tennesseans." You must have written Overbey by mistake.

VolGolfer1998 writes:

Is that really even an argument? You are just making outlandish statements that really say nothing at all. Please say something of substance. I'm sure Alcoaguy was talking about Overbey. And I doubt that Overbey does any bidding like you say.

RightChoice writes:

Something of substance:
* Doug Overbey voted to give power to choose State Supreme Court judges to LIBERAL special interest and deny Tennessee voters the RIGHT to elect their Supreme Court.
*Voted against requiring drivers' license exams to be conducted only in the English language.
* Voted THREE times for a democrat speaker of the house over republican speaker candidates - THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT VOTE A LEGISLATOR CAST.
Overbey voted FOR driving privileges of illegal aliens.
I could go on and on but this only allows so many words. Overbey does not seem to vote like a conservative.

VolGolfer1998 writes:

Thanks for quoting a Finney flier to us, one that lies at that. And since you like to use the CAPS button so much, I'll do the same.

Something proving what you just said were lies:
- SB3098: Extends the time period for the judicial selection commission to submit a roster of candidates to the governor from 60 to 75 days after notice of vacancy on any appellate court. You tell me how that gives any power to liberal special interest groups and I'll call you the greatest lawyer of all time. YOU ARE LYING and spinning the truth. And then you have the audacity to say Overbey is lying about BEP? AFTER THAT?

- IF TAKING THIRTEEN MILLION DOLLARS AWAY FROM OUR SCHOOLS IS LESS IMPORTANT THAN CASTING A PROCEDURAL VOTE THAT HAD NO AFFECT ON THE OUTCOME AND DOING SO SO YOU COULD WORK WITH OTHERS AND GET MORE DONE FOR YOUR DISTRICT, then I am very sad about the state of the Republican Party and how little we really want to get done for our home districts. If political statements are more important than results, then we are in big trouble.

- "Overbey vote for driving privileges for illegal aliens (SB 3430). Take a second and research what you are even talking about. That bill was an improvement on the current system in 2004 which let ILLEGALS HAVE FULL DRIVER LICENSES. Doug Overbey fought that and voted against it. The bill that RAY FINNEY is spinning and LYING about is the bill that took that away and instead improved so illegals would not be able to board airplanes, vote and put us all at harm like what happened with the terrorists in 9/11. BY THE WAY, RON RAMSEY, who Finney brags about voting for all the time, along with Bill Ketron and other CONSERVATIVES voted for SB 3430, which Finney says gave these privileges to illegal aliens. RON RAMSEY voted for the same bill Doug voted for, let me be clear about that. Look it up. THEN THEY ALL VOTED FOR THE BILL THAT RAYMOND ACTS LIKE HE PASSED ALL BY HIMSELF. Thats a lie. QUIT LYING PLEASE.

RightChoice writes:

Volgolfer1998, Please read Amendment made to SB3098 SA-SB3098. You see the amendments are very important - just a part of it says -
(B) At least six (6) of the members shall be
lawyers, and at least one (1) of the members appointed atlarge
shall be a non-lawyer
I will be looking up SB 3430 and getting back with you.
Looks like I've become an unwelcome member of the Overbey fan club.

RightChoice writes:

Volgolfer1998, This is a forum to voice opinions and show facts. If you have to resort to name calling. i.e. telling me I'm lying how can you ever expect to win a Overbey vote. This is what I found on SB3430
Driver’s Licenses:
SB 3430 will prohibit illegal immigrants from getting a regular driver's license. The bill will set up two classes of driver's documents. The standard driver's license would be available to U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents. Another, marked “NOT VALID FOR I.D.” would be given to foreign visitors on temporary visas and those who can prove their identity and Tennessee residence, to make sure they know the rules of the road. However, the “Certificate of Driving” would not allow the holder to do such things as board an airplane, buy a gun or rent a vehicle.

AlcoaGuy0157 writes:

I never called you a liar or any other name. I said you were lying. That's a verb, not a noun. I see that about SB3430, and thats great, but what you don't realize and obviously can't understand is that it, SB3430, was an improvement over the current system (I.E. took privileges away from illegal immigrants) and that is why, Doug Overbey, Ron Ramsey, Bill Ketron, Joe McCord, Richard Montgomery, and Jason Mumpower (well known conservatives) vote for it. Is that clear enough?

Now, look at SB 1266 in 2001. This bill allowed illegal immigrants to have full driver licenses. Yes, licenses, not certificates. You see, a license allows someone to identify themselves and buy guns, buy alcohol, board planes like the 9/11 terrorists, etc... It was a terrible bill that Doug VOTED AGAINST. Please note, voted against.

So in 2004, SB3430 came along, and although Doug fought to have the entire law created by SB 1266 in 2001 repealed, the only thing that came for a vote was this. And although this still allowed illegals to get "driver certificates," it was an improvement because they were not full licenses and could not use them for anything but driving. That is why Doug Overbey, Ron Ramsey, and other conservatives voted for it, because a vote against would have left them worse off. Another example of how Doug puts his district ahead of his political ambitions, because we all see now how that vote could be spun around to say that Doug supports illegal immigration in the same decietful way Ray Finney is doing now.

In 2007, HB 1827 came up, which Doug fought for and helped pass, which took away any kind of certificate or license for anyone who could not prove citizenship. He VOTED FOR IT.

So therefore, saying he supports allowing illegals to drive and harm our children is a complete fabrication and a lie. The sad thing is, Ray Finney probably doesn't even understand this because he thinks the General Assembly didn't even exist before his election in 2004, so he failed to actually research a bill in the way that I have done.

RightChoice writes:

I did not say you called me a liar, only that you said I was lying. That is a verb, not a noun. Senator Finney co-sponsered a bill to rescind [revoke] the law which granted driving privileges for illegal aliens {SB0886, March 2007} As for HB 1827 - Senator Finney was one of its sponsors in the Senate.HB1827 / *SB1968
Who said that Overbey supports allowing illegals to drive and harm our children?
Again, I'm impressed by your fortitude. And enjoy a healthy debate.

AlcoaGuy0157 writes:

Finney said that in a mailer. Check those. And your first sentence makes no sense when you said I had resorted to name calling, which I did not. Well, I'll go ahead and let you in on the little secret that being a co-sponsor and not the prime sponsor of a bill means you will vote for it, but you literally do zero leg work on the bill. But both Overbey and Finney voted for HB1827 (the House Bill was substituted for the SB), which is the way they both should have voted. That's why I get tired of looking at "Doug Overbey wants to allow illegals to drive." When he does not.

And I also enjoy healthy debate, thanks.

RightChoice writes:

Well, I didn't get a mailer like that, but if you say its out there I believe it. These guys are really getting carried away. As far as name calling I guess I took this out of context. "QUIT LYING PLEASE." Its just when someone says your lying more than once in a blog. Its easy to get the impression that your being called a liar. Again, I don't doubt the flyer just haven't seen it. These guys are slinging all kinds of accusations.