Bradshaw, Moore removed as athletics directors

Terri Bradshaw cleaned out her desk Monday evening.

The Heritage High School athletics director was informed earlier in the day by phone her position had been effectively eliminated. In approving its $78 million budget for the 2008-09 school year, the Blount County Board of Education approved a motion to amend the job description of Bradshaw and her William Blount High School counterpart, Don Moore, Jr.

The change went into effect immediately, with Moore and Bradshaw now classified by the school system as “hired but not placed.” Taking their place as athletics director at their respective schools will be two new assistant principals — the fifth at each school — who will double as AD part-time.

After 29 years at Heritage, 32 in the school system as a whole, Bradshaw packed her things Monday and went home, concern for the 14 varsity sports she once oversaw foremost in her mind.

“I’m very concerned about the kids and the coaches and the direction of the programs,” she said.

Wording in the change prohibits Bradshaw and Moore from applying for the new assistant principal/athletics director position. Their status for the fall remains in limbo.

“They don’t have the administrative certifications,” Blount County director of schools Alvin Hord said. “They’ll have to apply for teaching jobs they’re certified for; they don’t have the administrative certification.”

Moore could not be reached for comments.

Also uncertain is the impact the change will have on Heritage and William Blount coaches and players and Blount County high school sports overall.

Bradshaw and Moore handled much of administrative necessities between their schools and the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association, the state’s governing body for high school athletics. Those tasks — everything from rosters to eligibility requirements for players — now fall to the coaches in each sport and the new part-time athletics directors.

“I did everything so they could just coach,” Bradshaw said. “Basically, they just had to come and coach their games, and that’s the way it should be.”

Also unclear is the impact the change will have on the county as a whole. Bradshaw and Moore, along with their counterparts at Alcoa and Maryville, oversaw the administration of the Blount County football and basketball jamborees. Bradshaw, two years ago, launched a jamboree for the five spring sports at each high school as well.

The spring event is likely finished without its founder. The future of the football and basketball jamborees won’t be known until the new assistant principals/athletics directors assume their posts.

Hord told Blount Today on Tuesday two part-time assistant principals had previously been budgeted for the new ninth grade academies at William Blount and at Heritage.

“We had that in the budget,” he said. “To make the budget balance, I had to take that out. The board members wanted that.

“There is a need. Without that position, you have one person with 500 ninth-graders. This was a way to give them their assistant principal part-time and not have to increase the budget. They, in effect, did away with the old position of athletic director and created a new half-time athletic director and a half-time assistant principal for the ninth grade academy at both schools.”

It’s unclear how the change will effect budgetary concerns should Bradshaw and Moore, both tenured, choose not to retire and teach somewhere else within the school system.

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skittles writes:

I think it is absolutely pathetic that Mandigo had a choice of whether or not to get rid of Mrs. Bradshaw, and she actually decided to do it. ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC! Of course, I shouldn't be surprised considering her MANY other bad decisions. Bradshaw has not only done an amazing job as Athletic Director, but she has also put more time into that job than anyone will ever do. Good luck trying to replace her!

gatekeeper writes:

too bad it took so long to realize bradshaw was not qualified. she deserves
exactly what she is getting. she dealt out misery to students and coachs
and although mandigo is simply doing what she was hired to do, this is one
decision that was right even if it was a mandate from the board and not a
decision from mandigo. mandigo is from florida and is trying to bring
florida values to blount county such as lowering standards to graduate. as
far as im concerned one down one to go.

piano1 writes:

The post by: gatekeeper: in the top of your email you were clear about how you felt about mrs. bradshaw. Before I get to my question for you, do you not feel that the misery you say she gave to the students might have been deserved by the students. i find that in the school system so often, parents really do not know what is going on in the school system. i have been assiciated with the school system for over 35 years and the lack of discipline of the students in their home life carry over into the school system and the teachers have little control over the students. And as for the coaches, i just can not believe that she gave them misery, wht she did give them was "assistance".Just a thought!

Now for the question: In the statement about Ms. Mandigo:
"mandigo is from florida and is trying to bring florida values to blount county such as lowering standards to graduate. as far as im concerned one down one to go."

Could you explain One down and one to go".
Many thanks.

Punkie writes:

First, Mrs Mandigo has been a wonderful addition to HHS. Does anyone remember Mrs Wolfenbarger from 2006? Yeah, we can talk about a major mistake in that appointment, so to see Mrs. Mandigo actually EXPECT respect, but also to give it was a 'breathe of fresh air'. I know - my kids lived thru Mrs. Kemp (wonderful), Mrs. Wolfenbarger ('clothes nazi' she called herself) and now Mrs. Mandigo (very nice).
The Ms. Bradshaw thing - that was sooooo wrong. Even a worse enemy should not be treated that way. Will we ever know who she made mad - probably not - but that's how the Blount County School Board works! or at least it has in the past!