New technology available to sleep center patients

Patients of The Center for Sleep Medicine in Maryville, which is a partnership of Blount Memorial Hospital and East Tennessee Medical Group, now benefit from the availability of a new type of medical equipment designed to help them sleep better by providing a stable breathing pattern.

The BiPap autoSV is similar to the CPAP and regular BiPap breathing aids, but the difference patients will see with the new technology is the airflow adjusts with the patient, rather than continuously blowing the same pressure or blowing two pressures, adjustable to periods of inhaling and exhaling.

The new sleep therapy system recognizes the body’s natural breathing pattern. When the patient’s breathing slows down and he or she is not getting the proper airflow for optimal sleep, the BiPap autoSV kicks in, picking up the lulls in the patient’s own breathing. By doing this, the machine regulates breathing events and patterns, so they’re consistent, which increases the opportunity for a good night’s sleep.

While the BiPap autoSV is beneficial to patients, it also provides sleep technicians and physicians with information that allows them to adjust and set the machine for patient use at home. Once home, a patient’s usage and trend reports are available. These reports show treatment personnel data of when the machine is used, if there are any leaks in the fitting and any apneas or periods of little to no breathing that still are occurring. This is especially helpful for physicians to have at follow-up appointments or to solve any problems the patient might be experiencing.

The center says that roughly 15 percent of its patients will benefit from using the BiPap autoSV, a system that’s most helpful to patients with periodic breathing medical conditions including heart failure associated with Cheyne stokes, and complex and central sleep apneas.

To find out if the new technology might benefit you, call The Center for Sleep Medicine at 865-380-4021 or talk to your primary care physician about a referral to a sleep specialist.

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