Choosing a computer class available at the library

Before buying a new computer, there are several key questions that should be answered. For example, how will the computer be used? Will it be for business, personal use, school or college? How many people will be using the computer? What kinds of tasks will the computer need to do?

“Choosing Your New Computer” will be on Monday, Feb. 11 at 7 p.m. at the Blount County Public Library by Paul Hackulich. It is a free two-hour class that will define the steps in choosing a new computer. Hackulich will distribute worksheets to identify the uses and needs of the new computer. Then, using a guided step-by-step process, class members will fill out the worksheets during the program and a personalized spec sheet will be developed. He will then use examples to teach how to choose your new computer.

The class is designed for any level of experience and will fill in the gaps of information needed to make this important decision. Families, students, retirees and business owners can gain insight for making a choice that will provide satisfaction.

Paul Hackulich is the owner of Call Us First Systems, a computer sales and service company located in Maryville. An army veteran with top security clearance, he started working on computers when he was with the US Army Signal Corps. He went to work for IBM as a computer service technician after leaving the army. With more than 30 years experience in the field, he has seen the evolution of the size of computer systems go from huge rooms to the laptop.

Hackulich and his family moved to Maryville to be closer to family. He is an Eagle Scout and works with the Boy Scouts. A member of Fairview United Methodist Church, he is involved in volunteer work through church and in the community.

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