Dear Readers for Dec. 25, 2008

Kristy Barber’s third grade class at Mary Blount Elementary School sent us their Letters to Santa a little late, but we didn’t want the children to be disappointed, so I am “donating” my Dear Readers space this week for the letters.

Don’t worry, Santa got them in plenty of time, and now our Blount Today readers (and all the moms, dads and grandparents) get to enjoy them, too.

We have typed in the letters exactly as they were sent to us. Some are funny, some are heart-warming, and one hurts your heart with the plain simple truth of a real Christmas wish: to have back some time with loved ones lost.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Mary Blount - Kristy Barber’s third grade class

Dear Santa, This year I want a ipod its not for me it for my mom she said that she wants a ipod really bad and merry chrismas to you and your elf was in my classroom today he was dancing in are classroom I was cool and all I want is a new skate board my cookies and milk will be under the chrismas tree for you and a little special treat for the elfs merry chrismas santa from. --Alexis

Dear Santa, I want a tun of things but I relly want my sister to be home on xmas all day and naght. I will always belive in you and remember the day you put coll in my stocking but it was plastec coll and a car was in it. Marry xmas. -- Love, Justin

Dear Santa, Merry Christmas ho ho ho! Having a good Christmas? I am! I hope I have some presents. Did you get your list to Santa? I did! Remember Christmas is not just about presents. It’s about Jesuses’ birthday. Merry Christmas, Landry

Dear Santa, I’m sad because my great nana died. Please bring her back so I won’t cry on Christmas day? I love you! Santa can I see you? Thanks Love, Sadie

Dear Santa, I want to wish you a merry Christmas. I want you most of all to have a great Christmas. I hope you didn’t go to too much troble. Cause you need a big break. And all I want for Christmas is for you to have a great Christmas. Tara

Dear Santa, I hope that you have a Marry Christmas. So I won’t some more of some of webkins for xmas. Xmas is fun to have some of your family and friends and unkuls and cuens and anties overy at your hous ore you at thare hous. Travis

Dear Santa, One thing I would really like for Christmas is a interactive r2d2. Love, Conner

Dear Santa, I wish I could get a Maltese dog for Christmas and a little brother too. Pleas let me have a great Christmas. I believe in you. Love, Alexis

Dear Santa, Are you haven a great time with getting cristmas together. I hope you will like are cookies. Mery cristmas Santa and have a good new year. Mery cristmas, Kati

Dear Santa, I think Christmas is the best holiday to me. I love being with my family, and friends. Close to Christmas time my cousins come to my house and spend the night. I really really really want a light blue DS, and some games for it. I hope you like the cookies we are leaveing for you. I all so want some cloths. Merry Christmas. Happy holidays. Dalee

Dear Santa, This year I really want a DS and a light blue one, candy in my bunny’s stalkings and a cat. This is what I do for Christmas every year I decorate the Christmas tree and we put up my stalkings I have two of the stalkings. Love, Julia

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