Maryville College professors, staff treat students to pre-finals breakfast

When professors showed up at Pearson Hall late in the evening on Dec. 7, they weren’t there to give a pop quiz. They were there to serve a special meal.

In 1995, Bill Seymour, now vice president for administrative services, came to the college as dean of students. He spearheaded that first breakfast, and it has since become a tradition for professors and staff to serve the students at a special breakfast at the end of the semester.

“We always do it the first night of finals each semester. I had done it at another college and wanted to start it here,” said Seymour. “It’s a big tradition the students seem to enjoy. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the end of the semester and celebrate Christmas as well. We also do it in the spring. It’s kind of a gift to the students.”

Seymour said faculty and staff volunteer to serve the breakfast.

“We usually get a dozen faculty and staff. It’s a popular thing to do from 10 to 11 p.m. I’ve had staff surprised it was ‘p.m.’ The last time, we had 430 students show. That’s probably one of the biggest crowds. All the students are invited. The upperclassmen regard it as a tradition, and they tell the freshmen.

“It’s something we built into the food service contract to make sure we do it every semester with Aramark,” Seymour said. “They put out a full spread for breakfast and the students get served by faculty and staff. It’s a good tradition.”

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