August 2009

Tim Irwin Sandwich

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The season is here. No matter what the calendar says, once the foot hits the oblong ball, summer is over and it’s Football Time in Tennessee. Tailgating parties are just over the horizon, whether they be for high school or colleges. The Tim Irwin Sandwich is a hunk of delicious that pleases all the men -- and makes a few dainty female tailgaters chow down as well.

Judy Irwin Rechenbach, Knoxville, shared her recipe for her son’s favorite sandwich with Knoxville News Sentinel readers several years ago. Her son is Tim Irwin, University of Tennessee football player from 1977-1980) and now a Knoxville judge. The Tim Irwin Sandwich has been a favorite for Tailgate parties ever since.

“Actually my son, Tim Irwin, former UT football player (1977-80), got the recipe from a friend.” she writes. It can be varied with any kind of mustard or variation of meats and cheeses. The sandwich should be made a day ahead.

Tim Irwin


1 loaf Hawaiian round bread, cut into four horizontal slices

1/3 to 1/2 pound each of ham, roast beef, turkey, Swiss cheese, Cheddar Cheese, provolone cheese

1 (8-ounce) package cream cheese

1 small jar green olives, chopped or sliced



Spread mayonnaise on top of the bottom slice of bread. Layer it with ham and Swiss cheese. Spread mustard on underneath side of second slice of bread and place it over the Swiss cheese. On top of the second slice of bread, spread cream cheese and top with sliced olives, roast beef and Cheddar cheese. Spread mustard on underneath side of third slice of bread and mayonnaise on top side of it and place it over the Cheddar cheese. Then layer the third slice with the turkey and the provolone cheese. Spread mustard on underneath side of top slice of bread and place top slice of bread on the layers.

Place completed sandwich in Hawaiian bread pan and keep covered with bread wrapper until ready to serve. Sandwich will keep at least three days in the refrigerator.

Makes 12 wedges.

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