Finney calls off recount, is ‘out of political campaigns forever’

State Sen. Raymond Finney on Tuesday night called off his demand for a recount of the Sevier County votes from the Aug. 7 election.

State Rep. Doug Overbey had fewer votes than Finney in Blount County but won the election when he beat the one-term senator in the Republican primary in Sevier County. The overall totals gave Overbey 139 more votes in the primary than Finney.

Overbey represents State House District 20, Maryville, and Finney serves State Senate District 8, Blount and Sevier Counties.

The night of the election, Finney did not concede and vowed to ask for a recount. Twelve days later Finney had changed his mind and said he wasn’t going to pursue the recount.

“It would cost at least $6,000 to pursue it, so I’m just going to drop it,” he said late Tuesday night.

Finney said he was through with politics. “I’m out of political campaigns forever. I went down there with the right motives and worked very hard and was completely honest and completely open,” he said of his time in the State Senate. “Apparently that wasn’t good enough for the majority of voters.”

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AlcoaGuy0157 writes:

This man made us the laughing stock of the state with his inability to do anything of worth in Nashville. That is what wasn't good enough for the majority of voters. Thankfully, he is out of politics.

I wish former Sen. Finney the best for his future plans, but am certainly glad he is not representing me anymore.

Floydthebarber writes:

This is the hottest news since Thelma Lou bault that Sears cast iron push up braizier with 700 books of S&H Green Stamps she wuz saving for 3 years. She broke 3 of my ribs with one of those WWF hugs. She cracked one of Banneys teeth up on the mountain above Mt. Pilot "sparkin" when Barney decided to do some motor boatin. Glad she decided to give it up before we had an event bigger than what Opie had with his new blue jean zipper caper.

Cant seem to figure this finney statement out that wuz published in the Murvl times:

"Because we take to heart Jesus' teaching about hypocrites' giving in public (Matthew 6:1-4), our donations are always made in strict confidentiality and privacy. I cannot divulge what we plan. We have landed on our feet, though, and we will continue to enjoy our quiet and simple lives."


Cuzin Billy told me that he suported Doug Overbey and hes rich now because Finney told the world that only rich people supported Ovebey. Billy"s got money from rasin those Pit Bulls and Goats but now hes got status hanging around the rest of the rich folk down there in Blount and Sevier County. Sure wished I had the chance to vote for Overbey caus I WANT TO BE RICH!!
Buffalo Chips!! this ant right, this is just one mans opinion.

Paul writes:

I will miss Mr. Finney's "Listening" campaign that he diligently followed throughout his tenure as Senator. I never got the sense that Doug Overbey cared what us regular folks thought, although the big developers seemed very happy with his performance in the House. I guess that explains why Finney got such high marks from conservationists.

I have lost sleep wondering how the people of Sevier County can live with what is happening on their ridgetops and still vote for Doug Overbey.

I hope Finney will reconsider his decision to stay out of politics. To be honest, I hope Overbey will reconsider his decision to stay IN politics. It is obvious that money matters. Check out the Campaign Finance Disclosures to see who thought Overbey was a better representative of his constituency than Finney, who polled us constantly and responded accordingly.

Unlike AlcoaGuy, I am very proud of Senator Finney and his performance. Say what you will, but he both heard and listened to the people he represented. You can't argue with that.

Hollywood writes:

Now that the primary is over, I think it's time we quit talking about who we think is the best candidate and simply come together behind Doug Overbey. He understands whats going to be required of him in this office (assuming he wins the general election) and it's our responsibility as voters to hold him accountable.

I think Mr. Overbey has done a pretty good job of working together with Democrats to help do what's in the best interest of the state. How often do we hear what candidates (at any level of politics)say what their going to do in office only to face tough opposition that wont allow those things to happen? I think you have to hold close to your core values and work with members of the other party to get those things accomplished which are most important to the voters. You cant accomplish everything on your wish list and you can't make everyone happy. No one can.

Bottom line: Give Overbey a chance to show what he's capable of doing. If it's a bad job, then he'll be up for election in 4 years.

I, for one, look forward to seeing what he's able to accomplish. I'm sure he'll try to be as accessible as Dr. Finney has been and will listen to you whether your someone who agrees with all his views or not.

Give him a chance!