City of Maryville Fire Chief Ed Mitchell to retire

The City of Maryville announced that Fire Chief Ed Mitchell will retire this October. He became a City employee in 1982 when he was hired as a firefighter for the Maryville Fire Department. Mitchell was promoted to Fire Marshal in 1988 and then to the position of fire chief in 1995.

City Manager Greg McClain stated, “Ed has facilitated many changes in the Fire Department since he first started in 1982. During his years as Maryville Fire Chief, the City has experienced a decrease in fires and fatalities due to his emphasis on fire education in our schools and community.”

As Fire Chief, Mitchell was instrumental many of the changes with the Department. The addition of the third fire station at Sandy Springs, acquisition of equipment through grants, inspections of commercial businesses, smoke detector replacement programs, and many other initiatives are but a few of Ed’s accomplishments.

“The City of Maryville and the Maryville Fire Department has been a great place to work. So many people here are not only my colleagues, but my friends whom I will greatly miss.”

Mitchell is a native of Blount County and a graduate Everett High School.

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Floydthebarber writes:

Mitch has been a great asset to the City and will be missed by you folks over there in mtown. The secret is hes comming to mayberry to head up the fire bregade. Barney had to quit because he had too much gas eaten those fresh cukes this summer and he was dangerus around open fire. I sure hope Big Ed gets into politics hopefully run for Mayor of Blount County some day. He would represent the Blount very well. Been told the Dave Bennett is lookin at the Mayor job too, well you folks have another goodin with Big Dave!! Hopefully yall work that out!!