ICMAS wins WITec International Sales Award

Bob Hirche, president of International Contract Marketing and Sales (ICMAS) has received the WITec International Sales Award, which honors distributors with outstanding overall sales performance.

WITec is a manufacturer of high-performance instrumentation for scientific and industrial applications based on optical and scanning probe microscopy. Founded in 1997 as a spin-off from the University of Ulm, the company is a specialist in high-resolution microscopy used in nanotechnology, materials research and life sciences.

“Geographically, ICMAS covers the largest territory for WITec in the United States, and Bob and the ICMAS team always delivers extraordinary service,” says Harold Fischer, marketing director for WITec. “With our headquarters in Germany, we greatly appreciate the well-established business relationship between ICMAS and the European market, which results in a synergistic and beneficial workflow. The continuous expansion and improvement at ICMAS ensures an increase in sales volume.”

Fischer says that WITec is the leading expert for virtually any optical, structural and chemical imaging task, and ICMAS’ deep understanding of their highly technical field is the basis for a strong partnership.

“WITec is truly customer-focused and innovative,” Hirche says. “They started with an add-on product for the emerging atomic force microscopy market ten years ago and today have a range of instruments to assist researchers in pharmaceuticals, cancer, polymers, materials science, chemistry and geological research. I’m very excited to be one of their U.S. representatives.”

Founded in 1995, ICMAS provides sales and marketing services to a select group of European science- and technology-based companies, such as WITec, Oxford Instruments, Micro Materials, CAMECA, and RHK Technology. Clients include research and development communities at Fortune 500 companies, major universities and government laboratories.

The company has placed WITec’s Confocal Raman Microscope in numerous college and university research laboratories, Hirche notes, in addition to several private, corporate labs.

“We have been dealing with microscopy for the past 24 years,” Hirche said, noting that such instrumentation is integral to research on the nanoscale (less than one micron, or one/one thousandth of a millimeter). Exciting nanotechnology research is currently underway in the fields of chemistry, biology and materials, he explains.

Hirche notes that ICMAS provides sales and marketing services to more than a half dozen companies selling in the US from England, France and Germany, as well as the United States.

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