Chat Room: Pat Thompson

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By Lance Coleman

Pat Thompson
Age: 49
Married to Neal Thompson. They have three adult children: Jennifer, Shawna and Jonathon and three grandchildren, Victoria, Jeremiah and Samantha.
Occupation: "I am president of the Joshua Resource Center, a non-profit training and mentoring program for women. We provide life-skills and work-skills training in a faith-based environment."

What was your first paying job?
"My first paying job was age 14, and I dipped ice cream for Kay’s Ice Cream."

If you were stranded on an island, what one thing would you take?
"A good running motor boat."

If you could do one impulsive thing, unrestricted by cost, what would it be?
"Sail around the Eastern coast of the U.S."

What task or activity have you still not gotten around to doing?
"The task I still haven’t done is organized bookshelves in my office."

What are you guilty of?
"Eating too many desserts."

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
"I would relax more."

What is one thing you have always wanted to do but haven’t?
"I have always wanted to parachute out of a plane."

Do you think there is life on other planets?

What is your favorite material possession?
"My warm, cozy, brown sweater."

What was your most embarrassing moment?
"My most embarrassing moment was getting off the ski lift chair in Crusted Butte, Colorado, and realizing I didn’t have the courage or skill to ski down the mountain. After nearly killing myself trying, I took my skis off and crawled back to the lodge!"

Who has been the most influential person in the 20th century?
"I believe one of the most influential people in the 20th century has been Billy Graham. He has affected so many lives for now and for eternity."

Why did you pursue the career you chose?
"My most recent career - founder and president of the Joshua Resource Center -- is a result of following my passion and living a purpose-filled life."

What is one word others often use to describe you and why?
"The one word others use often to describe me is ‘encourager’ because I offer words of hope to others."

What is your passion?
"My passion is living my life on purpose."

With whom, living or dead, would you most like to have a long lunch?
"I would most like to have lunch with Paula White. Paula is a pastor and outreach minister. I admire what she has done in her community in Tampa. Her church has built 200 outreach programs in addition to having a world-wide ministry. It’s pretty amazing."

What do you hate?
"I hate ungrateful and arrogant attitudes."

Did you ever get paddled in school and if so, why?
"I got smacked on my hand in first grade, but I don’t remember why."

What’s your favorite quote?
"There are many quotes that I love but one of my favorites is: ‘Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die, life is like a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.’ It is by Langston Hughes."

What is your dream vacation?
"My dream vacation is being in Destin, Fla., looking out over the emerald green water, walking on the white sandy beaches with nothing to do but think about where to eat dinner."

Rebels, Tornadoes, Mountaineers or Governors?

What is your all-time favorite movie?
"Steel Magnolias."

Would you travel in space?

If you could go back in time for a week, what time period or year would you visit?
"I would go back to one day, June 12, 1990. I would go back and see my mother. She died on that day. It was a very tragic day."

What is your favorite sport and favorite sport’s team?
Thompson says her favorite sport is soccer and her favorite sports team is, "any team that my grandchildren are playing on!"

What is the best present you ever received?
"Best holiday present past, present and future for me are the ones that I have with my family, food and love."

What is the best advice your mother ever gave you?
"The best advice my mother gave me was to not grow up too fast."

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