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Broadway Baptist festival looks at all aspects of Christmas

Add one part humorous songs, one part comedy skits and one part singing Christmas tree and the recipe turns out to be the Alcoa Maryville Christmas Festival, a production of Broadway Baptist Church.

“This will look at Christmas from a little different viewpoint,” said Broadway Baptist Church Worship Pastor Jerry Evans. Evans said he hopes that the Alcoa Maryville Christmas Festival will become a long-standing tradition of the community.

According to Evans, the first half of the production will be fun, light-hearted and offer something for everyone. He said there will be a song about spending Christmas in gridlock traffic and a song about getting fruitcake every year. The Santa Claus quartet will perform, as well as a youth group who will do a Stomp-inspired piece.

One skit involves a 65-year-old man dressed as a young boy. The skit is a humorous look at how confusing Christmas must seem to children. On every television commercial and plastered across every storefront is Santa Claus. Then, at church, the message is that Christmas is about the birth of Christ. The boy in the skit wonders where Rudolf fits into the Nativity scene.

Then, the production changes gears and transitions into a singing Christmas Tree. According the Evans, the first two songs will be about the birth of Jesus and the other songs examine the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. The ending song is the celebratory, “He is Still Christ of Christmas.”

The singing Christmas tree will be a sight for the eyes as well as the ears as the backdrop tree is on a computer-controlled lighting system that offers spectacular effects, says Evans.

“We have an exceptional choir,” Evans said. With Evans’ experience in music, he has heard plenty of good music. Until 2005, Evans owned a company, J & J Music, which sold Christian choral music to churches. Over the years, Evans said he saw a lot of Christmas presentations and has learned a lot, like what keeps the interest of the audience and the appropriate time frames for presentations.

The skits and music all take place on three stages and the masters of ceremony are a couple of sarcastic puppets. He said the audience can expect for the production to last an hour and one-half.

“The inspiration for the production is that Christmas is the time of year that we need to be celebrating,” Evans said. He said planning and executing this production has been a church-wide effort.

The Alcoa Maryville Christmas Festival will run Dec. 14, 15 and 16 at 7 p.m. in the sanctuary of Broadway Baptist Church located at 2329 Broadway Ave.

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