Chat Room: Fonda Angel

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By Lance Coleman

Fonda Angel
Age: "Age is just a number, and mine is unlisted."
Married to Jim Angel; two sons: Jeff and Jason Lewis.
Occupation: Hair stylist.

What was your first paying job?
"I worked the concession stand at the drive-in movie in Madisonville."

If you were stranded on an island, what is the one thing you would take?
"My cell phone. I know it probably wouldn’t work there but I just feel better if I have it with me."

If you could do one impulsive thing, unrestricted by cost, what would it be?
"Buy a condo in an exotic setting and take all of our family and friends."

What task or activity have you still not gotten around to doing?
"My dad, Erskin Hensley, was chief of police in Madisonville for 15 years, and he gave me the love for law enforcement, the judicial system and my love for politics. I’d like to take some courses that would add to my knowledge in those areas."

What’s your favorite television or movie quote?
"Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead."

What are you guilty of?
"I’m a pack rat. I tend to buy things I really don’t need if it’s a good bargain."

What is one thing you have always wanted to do, but haven’t?
"Further my education. I attended the Blount County Sheriff’s Office Citizen’s Police Academy and that has made me hungry to learn more."

Do you think there’s life on other planets?
"Yes. A friend of mine, Bob Sanders, who is in heaven now, used to say when he looked up at night and saw all of the other planets, that we’d have to be awfully arrogant to think we are all there is."

What is your favorite material possession?
"Our home."

What are you currently reading?
"Body Farm."

What is the best advice your mother ever gave you?
"Be self-sufficient and work hard."

What was your most embarrassing moment?
"Once, when getting on the subway in London, England, I got on before the door closed, but my purse didn’t. It got caught outside the door."

What’s your favorite quote?
"Love your neighbor as yourself."

What character in a book or movie would you most like to be?
"Rita Hayworth."

Why did you pursue the career you chose?
"I had watched my mother cutting hair for nearly everyone in the neighborhood. In high school I knew that was the career that I wanted for myself."

What is your all-time favorite movie?

Who has been the most influential person in the 20th Century?
"Mother Teresa or Billy Graham."

What is the one word others use to describe you and why?
"They say I’m loyal. I’m very loyal and dedicated to the people I care about and believe in."

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
"I wish I could not worry so much about things that are out of my control and relax more."

What is your passion?
"My husband, my two sons, politics, garage sales and working in our yard."

What do you hate?
"I really don’t hate, but I dislike it when people hurt other people, whether physically or mentally."

What is your dream vacation?
"Touring the Colorado Rockies and the Pacific Northwest for a month with my husband."

Rebels, Tornadoes, Mountaineers or Governors?
"My step-daughter, Sharon Myers, teaches at Maryville, so I’m for the Rebels."

With whom living or dead would you most like to have a long lunch?
"My mother. She had seven children, and she always made each of us feel like her only child. Every time I was with her, I learned something. I’d like to tell her what I’m doing now."

Did you ever get paddled in school and if so, why?
"I can’t remember being paddled in school, but I probably should have been a time or two."

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