Problems solved in Communityville

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Communityville needed a new library. Making it happen was up to the citizens of the town, population, 92.

The citizens of Communityville are the second graders at Sam Houston Elementary School and the "TEAM" came together to look at how communities work and present their lessons to parents, teachers and neighbors.

The second grade program "Welcome to Communityville" was presented on Nov. 16 as part of Sam Houston’s Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM) theme for the school year. The program was a culmination of the students’ studies of their community and their focus on Junior Achievement.

The play and original songs were written by music specialist Pam Gildrie with the artistic backdrop done by Nancy Koehl, art specialist. The Second Grade Production Team included teachers Mary Grace Taylor, Mimi Bristow, Jeanine Hewitt and Peggy Taylor; teaching assistants Kathy Adkins, Beth Ballard, Janet Harvey and Barbara Heiny; and physical education specialist Lynn Mathis. Original songs included "Community Song," "Howdy Neighbor," "Cooperation Song" and "We Live in a Very Nice Place."

A total of 39 children had speaking parts in the play. The premise was centered around Citizen Learner, who brings a new idea to the town meeting concerning starting a library. All agree it’s a good idea, but there is no money to fund it. In the end, the whole community must come together to make it happen with volunteers and donations and a cooperative community spirit.

The students presented the play at an 8:30 a.m. assembly program on Nov. 16 and again at 6:30 p.m. for parents, friends and the community.

Darrell Watkins attended the play and took these photographs for Blount Today.

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