Dear Editor -- 11/30/06

Shadow the senator to learn about state government

Dear Editor:

A privilege I enjoy in serving as a state senator is to visit schools and other youth organizations, to speak about state government and civic responsibilities. I wish to contribute even this small part to help the next generation prepare for the awesome responsibilities they will face in keeping America strong and free.

I have started two programs in my office, which will give interested area students a personal view of the activities of the Tennessee Senate. These programs are:

  • Page of the Day: Any student who is in the fourth grade or older may serve as a Senate page for a day. He or she would sit on the floor of the Senate with me, and assist the Clerk in distributing messages and reports to the senators.
  • Shadow Senator: Any student who is in high school or college may be my "shadow" for a day. He or she would attend all of my office meetings and all of my committees and floor sessions.
    My staff and I would try to make each student’s visit an educational and enjoyable experience.

    I have explained more about these programs in one of my Websites-- Web page www. . Or, the student or parent/guardian may call my administrative assistant, Deana Guenther, at 1.800.449.8366, extension 12427 for more information or to schedule a visit.

I only have a limited number of openings, and these are fast being filled. I invite any student who would like to know more about state government to come to Nashville in 2007 and be part of my "staff" for a day.

Cordially yours,

Raymond Finney
State Senator
Eighth Senatorial District (Blount and Sevier Counties)

A Thanks for Folts

Dear Editor:
Thank you James Folts for the work you are doing to help Blount County. I understand there are other people helping you dig into the records of where our tax money is going, and we thank them also.

I do not understand a lot of what I’m hearing but I understand what Mr. Folts told about the credit card deal, especially
that it had caused our taxes to go up six cents. Credit cards are for the birds.

I heard Mr. Folts on WBCR a while back and he asked that people should come to the meetings, such as financial and commission meetings. If this man is interested enough in this county to give of his time, everyone should go to the courthouse and spend time checking these situations out, and we should be willing to be there to support his efforts.

Thank you so much Mr. Folts for your help to those of us that care about our tax dollars and fairness in government

Merle J. Handley
Maryville, TN

Thanks to Pitts Reeves for open meeting

Dear Editor:

I would like to comment on one of our newly elected County Commissioners, Wendy Pitts Reeves. Mrs. Reeves held an informal meeting Monday night, September 18, 2006, at the Blount County Courthouse to hear any concerns the people of Blount County might have. It was very informal, and we were honored to have our newly elected Mayor, Jerry Cunningham, present.

Mr. Cunningham said he was there to hear our concerns, as we presented them to Mrs. Reeves, and he also answered several questions that were directed to him.

We need more meetings like this and more citizens to take part in the future of Blount County. Mrs. Reeves was very appreciative for the citizen’s input, and stated she was fully aware any decisions made by the County Commission effects
the entire county, not just her District (4).

Thank You,

Melba Campbell

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